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Japan may not be the first country people think of when they think of metal but the tradition of the genre can be traced back decades, just listen to the 80’s powerhouse Sabbat, and Survive have earned their place in the lineage. In addition to your own headlining tours, since your formation in 1998, Survive participated in some of Japan’s pinnacle metal festivals such as: Beast Feast, A Tribute to LOUDNESS, MULTIPLEX motorbike event, and INDEPENDENCE-D, just name a few. Over the years you must have witnessed many changes in the Japanese metal scene.

Could you describe what you notice to be the biggest difference between now and when you started?

NEMO: Certainly in Japan we played in most places. I’ve been waiting for the chance. The history of Japanese Heavy Metal and even shallow. I think that it can be seen from the lack of Japanese band that play in the world. Good Thrash Metal band in Japan there were many from the 1980s to the 1990s. OUTRAGE, UNITED, SHELL SHOCK, LAWSHED, JURASSIC JADE, SACRFICE. However, very few bands that are playing constantly even now to this day. Now Heavy Metal band that mixes different styles there are many. I think it’s sound towards Japan. Here are the great Heavy Metal festival several as of now. THRASH DOMINATION and LOUDPARK will be its representative but there home countries of the bands does not have a chance to play. We can see a lot in two days the real band of Europe and the United States. Very Heavy Metal for the Japanese is now standard. It is that very good.

Growing up what music was around your home that may have influenced your music later in life? What were the first heavy bands you were exposed to?

NEMO:My father had a lot of Rock albums. My Heavy Metal history was launched. In particular, it was a favorite was I listening to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath this great album of Black Sabbath.I then got to hear Metallica and a lot of Thrash Metal by reading a lot of Heavy Metal magazine. I had the opportunity to start a band from getting hooked on the great sound of Metallica.

Survive has done shows in South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, and all around Europe supporting industry legends like Testament, Anthrax, Behemoth, Kreator, Napalm Death, Overkill, Incarnation, Soilwork, and Soulfly. Out of all the shows you’ve played what country has the best crowd reaction? Which band has been the most memorable to work with?

NEMO: South Korea and Taiwan, Russia tour was great. Audience very hot and everyone was so kind. Those who love Metal and very, very kindness I love it and respect. I have good memories so we did the first Russian tour as a support act of Behemoth. We had a lot of drink and party, that was spent together and lot of time is left as great memories for us. They’re so very gentleman and great musicians. It was a very exciting. We loved riding to the Trans-Siberian Railway for 24 hours, and enjoy the Rock ‘n’ Roll tour life. It was a very great journey.

Alpha Omega Management has represented you since 2012 and the partnership has been strong over the last few years. What has it been like working with the management team and what opportunities specifically have they made available to you?

NEMO:It’s a great partnership, Management’s a very wonderful people. They are definitely one of us and gave us the open door and a chance to see the World.

There was a seven year gap between the full length albums Nothing Left on My Path and 2015’s Human Misery. Was there any reason for the gap in albums and when can we expect the next work to be released?

NEMO: It’s been a few years in Japan, Russia, Asia, Europe and we had been playing live and creating new songs . . . It has required a lot of time in it. Now we hope that Alpha Omega in order to release the album worldwide gives us pleasure and a lot of good work.

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