Interview with Attila Csihar

Greetings from MHF-Magazine Attila, I wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity to Interview you today, How are you today?

Hey Keith Thanks so much, I’m really happy that you guys are Interviewing us. Doing well, was a nice good day at home, here in Hungary.

Mayhem founded the Norwegian Black metal Scene, tell me how do you feel to be part of this amazing band?

It’s one of the greatest things to be in a band like this, a band that has gone through a lot of controversies and all over the media and above all its one of the biggest thrills to be in the band and so happy to perform on stage with these guys.

Black Metal has grown a great extent over the years, how does Mayhem feel about the scene the Genre as a whole in 2017?

It is awesome I would say, Black metal as always been great for me since the early years and it’s going in the right direction and I feel Mayhem has helped grow the Genre and the image good, bad, indifferent. Although there is a lot of changes from the earlier days it still is great to be part of it and do what we love to do.

Although the band started in 1984 and you joined them 8 years later, by that time there was a lot of shitty things that happened, so tell us how do you feel working with the band after such a history.

So one day I saw an ad that Mayhem is hiring, they are looking for a Vocalist. I found the name Interesting because that was my stage name for my band. So I gave it a shot and I was there and moved to Norway. These guys were so interesting and so freaky…so I really wanted to work with these guys and they are so amazing like a family and great to work with.


Did you move permanently to Norway or you still live in Hungary?

I Live in Hungary, I really don’t like Norway that much, It’s not my kind of life, I love to be in Hungary, I have a family and wanted to be with them, at the end of the day Family is what is Important. I love the country life here, its so amazing in this country and I know everyone here.

Mayhem is known for Dead animals and blood on the stage, being a Vegetarian how did you feel at first about the stage antics?

It was totally crazy, In the beginning I was totally freaked out and told to myself I really want to do this?…and later got I got used to this and fine with that. More over I was not Vegetarian by birth, I changed years back when you look into the eyes of an animal I feel myself inside of the animal and I couldn’t eat them anymore, even a fly I Can’t kill.

De mysteriis Dom Sathanas was released in 94, what was your involvement in terms of this album?

It was an amazing album, being the first it was very different for me, we did a lot of soundchecks and we always smile at each other and continue it. The shows were so crazy and we throw shit at people, it was wild and crazy…we had a great and amazing time.

After 2014’s Esoteric Warfare, What is Mayhem currently doing, any plans to get in the studio?

We have been touring extensively lately, and maybe later in 2018 we might start writing new materials and hope all works out…So lets keep our fingers crossed.

Being a founder a pioneer if you will of  Black Metal and making a difference to the Genre in each album you cut, do you have plans to make a change something like a switch in Genres or a switch in sound?

That would be Interesting to do but Mayhem is not the same thing as it was from the beginning in sorts, that’s somewhat of a change. A different genre I don’t know…We would love to stay Black.

You did the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, how does a guy from black metal got into a project like this?

Yes it happened in 2000, 17 years ago. It was very Interesting and I Loved it. I played the role of Caiaphas, It was more of rock music. It’s more music than acting and I loved it and it was great working with those people, It was a huge success.

What according to you is the best Mayhem album?

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas I would say, the style has changed lately and I don’t really feel that great about it but things change and evolve.

What is your thoughts on religion?

I’m very obsessed with Hinduism from India, the mysticism amazes me, the country has a great culture a great history and respectful people. You know they are one of the oldest civilization in the World.

Attila, Thanks for this amazing Interview and thanks so much for your time, do you have a message for the fans and readers of the magazine?

Firstly, Thanks so much Keith, It was so great to have talked a lot with you, thanks for the fans, stay metal and thanks for your amazing support over the years.

Thanks Buddy…Cheers

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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