Morbid Angel Interview by Keith Clement

Morbid Angel

Interview with Steve Tucker

Steve, Greetings from MHF Magazine, How are you today?

I’m Great, How are you man?

Doing amazing, still thrilled with the thought of interviewing you lol

How does it feel to be back with the band after many years?

That was much more normal than you could ever imagine, we always had a relationship going on, and when we started working together, there was the same energy and fun, So it’s just as normal.

Kingdoms Disdained is going to be out, How do you feel about this album?

Man, I love it, I think it is the most brutal album, and it’s so amazing in terms of music and it’s more refined and technical in terms of skills and I really loved it. It was a blast constructing this album.

Is this album about destruction and rise of a new world?

I think the cover and the album talks more of a chaos, the world is totally on the loose and chaotic with the virtual world, politics and religion and if you see the cover, its all about the end of the world from the evil.

Scott Fuller is the new drummer for the band, Is he getting along with the rest of the band and fitting it?

Scott is amazing, he is the full time drummer of the band now, he is doing fantastic on the album and he writes a lot music for the album. He brought a lot of new level to the band and the album and it will show. There is another new guy in the band, Dan he is the guitarist and is currently only touring with the band and except for a solo he didn’t do anything in Kingdom Disdained. We will see more of him on future material.

The bands lyrical theme has changed from Satanism, Anti-Christianity to Sumerian Gods, the new album sounds more of a creative release, you being a songwriter how do you feel about the change in themes?

Yes we wrote on Sumerian Gods in the earlier days, and I been doing a lot of Investigation and get deeper and deeper into certain things. Improving  song writing. These days it’s all simple to do the song writing, You know technology has come to a great extent and people started understanding things. We are humans and we start accepting things the God’s don’t do anything, they are just creation.

Morbid Angel is the band which pioneered Death Metal, there’s a lot of followers for the band and being a huge influence to a lot of modern bands, how do you feel about being an Icon?

Man I Love heavy metal music and that’s all in my soul, Heavy metal is what I grew up with, we are more aggressive and it’s great to being an inspiration and a pioneer for others and we speak the truth straight forward through our music and I feel great and happy about it. If heavy metal means something Iconic for someone, that is the greatest thing to me.

Morbid Angel started at the time where thrash metal is growing as a new scene, how was the support back in the days?

I have to be honest with you, We didn’t care much about anything or the fans, We did what made us happy. Trey made the best guitar work for the band and I made the Song writing and if we feel happy about it that’s all that mattered. If Morbid Angel is happy with what they have done, the fans of Morbid Angel feels happy about it too.

What do you think of the modern day death Metal?

I think that is okay but the real thing is the early bands like us Deicide and Cannibal Corpse and few others. Later the European scene has created a combination of genre, which sound the same. There are hundreds of band which sounds the same only a two or three sounds original and different and that’s what I’m looking forward to continuing.

Which is the most craziest memory of any of your tours?

The most craziest one I would say  happened in Zagreb, Croatia. This happened back in 2011 or 2012, It was crazy hot in there and we were filming it for Television and the crowd was so crazy. I’m going to remember this for the next 17 years or so…it was fantastic.

So any tours scheduled for Kingdoms Disdained?

Starting 2018 we will be touring all over the world, Starting here is US to Mexico and Canada followed by the Russian World tour and then to Europe.

Steve I would really wish you could come to India?

Man I would really love to come to India, there is a huge crazy Morbid Angel fanbase there, I will come definitely for Kingdoms Disdained tour…So Stay tune for the news.

Thanks so much for the time Steve, do you have a message for the readers and fans of the magazine?

Stay Brutal!


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement