I got the opportunity to interview heavy southern metal bands lead singer and bassist Tim Scott from Methane here’s how it went… 1.So tell those metalheads who haven’t heard you guys yet how you met and formed the band?

Our original idea came when my brother Dylan was visiting me in Sweden on an extended vacation . We always wanted to put something together. So I called this awesome guitarist I knew (Jimi Masterbo) and told him about our idea. Jimi jumped on the idea right away, both him and I have played death metal for years so a groove thrash feel was something we both wanted test and play.

Who do you consider your major influences?

I think thats kind of trick question , each of us as musicians are influenced differently. But I like to think of out style being a head on collision between thrasmetal and southern rock.

Do you have a set time each week where you get together and Practice or are they Spontaneous?

We practice around 3 times a week, keeping a schedule is tough because of work and stuff. But we have a good work ethic and get in our reps as often as possible.

10402495_10152455895360124_9216034743382615409_nHow do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Lyricly I write mostly about my scars and wounds I have collected over my years. But not everything is somber some good beer drinking songs too. I look up to bands like Hellyeah, they are all about having fun together and making music that they like. They don’t get caught in 1 style , I mean they can have a killer heavy song , then a cool accoustic song then a party song. It all seems to have a flow and they don’t loose there image.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

Thats a tough question. I mean playing as often as we do you kind of become blind to your own progressions. The newer stuff is , in my opinion heavier, but like I said we want to keep it dynamic.

If you could tour with any band who would it be?

Too many! Being on Ozzfest would totally sick , getting to travel with alot of different bands. I imagine it would be one huge party on wheels .

What has been your biggest Challange as a band?

I think being a “southern metal” band in Sweden. We don’t fit the cookie cutter here. We don’t play Viking metal or melodic death , so locally I don’t think people know what to think, especially the media.

What does the future hold for Methane any new music in the coming months?

We have just finished final mix on our new album, that will be released early next year. We will have some big news about that in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise we have a few shows left this year including the Heavy Metal Heart Festival in Helsinki Finland on October 22nd with Battle Beast and Scar Symmetry. After that the plan is to take a short break and concentrate on getting the album out.

7ff382f87b5e51e6ee9f2b191bddcbcd_mAre there any changes you would like to see in the music industry?

Right now it is tough. No one is making money , record companies or bands making it really hard to afford recording much less touring. It’s a real angry bitch mother. It is evolving and can only hope it gets better. I do like how easy it is to find new awesome music, kind of a double edged sword.

Thank you so much for your time Tim are there any last words you want to share with us?

Just like to encourage everyone to go out and support local metal shows, keep the scene alive! Thank you guys for doing a kick ass job .

by Rachel Amell “Metalheads forever magazine”

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