A candid chat with “Evil Conscience” guitarist Pritam Midday and his recently gone viral Necrophagist cover for “Foul body autopsy”.

Nice to meet you, mr. Faster than the Flash! Welcome to MHF magazine.

Definitely not faster than Flash! There are plenty of musicians, you will definitely find who plays fast.

Haha no you are. So to begin with, who’s your favourite superhero? Flash isn’t an option.

* chuckles * But I’m actually waiting for the next season of Flash!

Pritam did you along with your band ever performed in any of the places in north east?

Well longtime back we competed in Silliguri, but definitely not shillong, but would love to.

What are your views about the local scene?

Well it’s growing but at the same time people need to think before any execution. We all need to be more open minded so that we can organise more extreme gigs. We really need more kickass bands. We lack spontaneity. Momentum should not fall or decline, we will have to keep pushing ourselves.

So we want to know about your journey towards metal music.

To be specific it’s a roller coaster ride. When you are actually making some extreme shit. Cause in India you will find people coming up to you and saying, “what’s the benefit of playing complex or technical riffs when you can see people chugging four chords getting the cherry from the Cake.” Aditya Shankar helped me a lot. I used to get lessons from him. He inspired me a lot.

Any international artists you are fond of?

Definitely Muhammad suicrmez from Necrophagist. I love his ability to construct such riffs, solos. Yngwie Malmsteen,John Petrucci,Jason Becker.. You will find many technical death metal bands. But Necrophagist stands apart cause of their stylisation of incorporating harmonic minor. locrian mode. Also, Archspire, Cannibal corpse, Dying fetus and there are loads.

So what kind of genres are you into, apart from death/black/technical death metal.

I don’t think about genres when it comes to listening. But yeah I like mathcore, progressive, groovecore etc. I got this Necrophagist tattoo 5 years back. I love them. * shows us this cool af Necrophagist tattoo on his lower belly *

That is so cool! Btw, Did that hurt?

Hahaha! It was a new kinda trip, Loved it!

Well Pritam we will be waiting for u to see live soon. And we really loved your cover. Thanks for talking with us, giving us your precious time.

Sure man. Thanks for ur support. Means alot!

Hoping to see you and your band live soon. It was an awesome interview. Thank you very much for your time!

Take care…

by Shibalika Tamuli

Necrophagist – Foul Body Autopsy [Guitar Cover by Pritam Middey]

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