Hello metalheads! As honourable as writing for MHF magazine is, I recently had the privilege to talk to the guys of India’s top deathcore band, JAMMER’S fucken’ GRAVEYARD, and here’s all you need to know about the rising deathcore maniacs who made their way to Wacken and brought the NE scene to an international level in such a short time!

Started in the summer of 2010, when the “Mitch Lucker” of NE India, Anuj Dorji met Kangkan, the drummer, “The two of us were Lamb of God fanatics”. Says the vocalist, “We jammed on their songs and thus formed a rapport. We jammed n jammed through in and out. Thus, the name Jammers Graveyard”. (Very thoughtful, I know!) He continues, “It has a philosophical side to it actually. Many musician die with unpublished music in their heart, we jam for them, in their graveyards, the spirit remains!! Though slowly our initial members parted their ways for various reasons. In 2012, I introduced Pawan to Kangkan in a pub where they attended a gig of “Noiseware” The three of us got along quite well and then we want in pursuit of a basist.We met Rohit who is an ex-bassist of the band. Thus,started our musical journey. We did a lot of gigs in and around Guwahati,but again our bassist had to leave the band for his higher education. In 2015 we found Dipankar a guy of all season! He is a livewire and the “doer” who makes things move. Everything , started falling into place. The jamming sesions went in full swing. Thus, started the uphill journey..”

img-20160915-wa0004When asked about the genre of the band, which has been a thing of discussion among fans, this is what they had to say – “We consider our music to be technical deathcore we like experimenting with our music. We like death metal and we like low tuned guitars so we picked deathcore”.

He continues, “We were highly influenced with metal music watching bands like Lamb of god, Cannibal corpse we wanted to have a band of our own. So thats how the journey started.When we played at IIT Madras, wacken national finals at Bengaluru , when we played in Darjeeling at Justice for metal, playing in shillong is always awesome Callous Amass IV was an amazing Gig in shillong and all gigs in guwahati are always awesome. One of the best was Rolling stones pre-gig. It was a proud moment for us to play at wacken , playing alongside so many amazing bands was awesome and meeting a lot of amazing artist and people were awesome.”

Asking about their recent project, I got to know that the band, recently preparing hard for Goa are working on an Ep, which will be called “Extinguishing Mankind”. On me being curious about the theme, they said, “The themes are on the meaning of life, religious beliefs, social and environment issues. We plan to release it by December.” Now that’s some news!

Now, a bit fan talk! The band suggests two of their favourite bands Plague Throat and Ill Sovereingn for y’all. Give them a try maybe? Also they left a message for their fans – “We r really overwhelmed by the support from our fans. The support keeps us working hard with the band. We r like a family we call us the JG army. We wish to never let down our fans. Keep supporting metal”. We will, won’t we?. facebook/jammersgraveyard

by Shibalika Tamuli

Jammers Graveyard – Dumped & Sulking (Original LIVE)

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