Nereis Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, This is Keith the editor In Chief for the mag, how are you guys doing?

Greetings from Nereis, from the Italian Alps! We are just returned from one of the most satisfying experiences of our career so far and we are ready to keep rockin’!

How was the headlining with Three days Grace over the week in Moscow, can you please tell me about the experience you had with them?

To play for so many people in so famous locations had no price. It’s an experience that profoundly influences you, it changes your point of view: when you get on one of those stages you realise that you are not doing it just for yourself, but also for the thousands of people waiting for you to rock the night. It is your task to make them enjoy the night. We did not spend a lot of time with Three Days Grace, we just had a quick chat in the backstage and some group photos, but that has been enough to understand that they are very nice and easy people, very professional in what they do: it has been a great occasion to learn many things!

You have changed the band name from Black Star to Nereis, is there any particular reason behind it?


Black Star has been the name with which the band was founded 10 years ago. In 2014 there has been a change in the lineup that brought the band at the present status. The band went through a transformation process, in particular regarding the type of sound. Even if we were bound to our original name, we needed a new one that could represent us better and that could be more coherent with the new image of the band. Moreover, when we signed up with Eclipse Records, we discovered that another band with the name Black Star was already registered. This fact definitely pointed us towards a new name.

How was the overall success on your album “Turning Point” did you guys able to set a name for the band?

Nowadays it is not easy for a band to emerge with the first album, there is too much competition. We can say that we have had very positive feedbacks both from the public and the critics, receiving a lot of good reviews! Now we already started working on the new album: we are determined now more than ever to bring to the public an explosive second album, which will carry all the experiences we made with the first one.

How did you get to know Alpha Omega Management, how happy are you guys with them, do you feel if anything can be improved?

When we signed up with Eclipse Records, we felt the need not only to promote our album online, but also to bring our music on famous stages: we started looking for a booking agency. We contacted Alpha Omega and they sent us a very interesting offer. They seemed very professional and we thought that it could have been the right solution for our needs: we therefore started this new adventure and we are totally satisfied with it!

Would you like to share some history with the magazine about the band and how it all began?

Everything started as for thousands of other bands. A group of kids wanting to emulate the gods and myths of rock and metal that they listened to while growing up. Nothing special right? I believe that magic comes up when all the pieces of the magic formula get aligned perfectly: there you have the spark that lights it up. The change of lineup in 2014 put together complementary elements and something changed: someone asked “hey guys, what if we made music for a living?”. From that moment, nothing has been the same, we discovered to have a great and common goal and we started to work really hard. It seemed a quite impossible thing, but things are moving and we are not going to give up!

Any message for the readers and Fans of Nereis?

We can’t promise you a music revolution, but two things we will give you for sure if you follow us: our heart and life.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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