Bad As Interview

By Keith Clement

Greeting from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editor-In-Chief for the Mag, tell me how you guys are doing?

Ciao Keith! First of all let us thank you for this interview! Hope you’re well!

We are super excited about the release of our album “Midnight Curse”, powerful and melodic, we are so proud of the result! A big step ahead compared to the previous one “More Pain, More Gain”. Moreover, half of the line-up has been changed since the first album, we have a new talented singer (just 23 years old!), Mattia Martin and a new drummer! There’s a great human and musical feeling between us! Everything is going great!


Recently you signed up with Rockshots Records for your upcoming album “Midnight Curse” how is everything going in regards to that?

Yes, we signed with the Italian label Rockshot Records. They are doing a great job and they are nice persons. The album will be out on November 30 (7 December in USA) and will be available both in Digipack CD and digital. Pre-order is already available at

We are also going to release a couple of official videos soon, stay tuned!


There is a huge tour happening in Europe alongside Vinnie Moore, how excited are you guys?

Oh yeah… we are leaving on Monday 12 November we are super excited. Opening for Vinnie Moore it’s a great honor for us, he is an amazing guitarist and composer. We are sure that we will have a lot of fun and it will be a great human and musical experience. You can see the tour dates on



How good does it feel to work with Alpha Omega Management, would you like to share some feedback?

AOM is amazing! Nice persons who truly believe in our music and they do their best to support us. I would recommend any band to join them. They will find out super opportunities, such as opening acts for big artists like Anthrax, Nickelback, to name a few!


Would you like to share some history about the band?

Originally the band was called BADASS and the aim was a 3 members band: drums, bass, vocals. Quite challenging… well too much! In fact, soon I realized that without a guitar there was not enough power.. and at the end guitarist Alessio “Lex” Tricarico joined the band. After the release of first album we decided to change the band name into BAD As (BADASS was too much pretentious). We already working on our third album, more experimental, still powerful and melodic.

Thanks again for this interview and horns up!

Alberto Rigoni (bassist and band founder).


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