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We had the opportunity to interview the Brazilian thrash metal Band Nervosa. They are from Sao Paulo, The band was formed in 2010 by singer and guitarist Prika Amaral. The current lineup is Prika, Fernanda and Pitchu. Their second studio album “Agony” was released on June 3rd 2016.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are things in your world?

Prika: we are so happy, because we are releasing our second album and we have around 90 shows away in this year.

Can you please introduce the band to the readers who are new to Nervosa?

Prika: We are an all female thrash metal band from Brazil. We are releasing our second album called “Agony”. I hope that everyone will enjoy this new album. I hope to play in many places around the world, because we love to be on the road.

You are set to release your second album “Agony” on 3rd of June. How excited are you about it?

Prika: I’m anxious, because this new album is a little bit different, “Agony” is a little bit more death metal and aggressive than “Victim of Yourself”. We’ll do some tours in this year and I can’t wait for that.

How different is the new release from your debut, “Victim of Yourself”?

Prika: “Agony” is the best album to represent the band, because “Victim of Yourself” was written by me and Fernanda. And now the new album was written by all of us. “Agony” is more aggressive and technique.

How did you guys get together, and how did Nervosa evolve?

Prika: I began the band in February, 2010. I met Fernanda in August, 2011 and Pitchu in February, 2013. It was a long time looking for girl, and the evolution came on the road, playing more and more. We want and like the same things, then it was natural for us.


You have become a huge success in a very short time span, what’s the secret?

Prika: I don’t know I think is luck! We work so hard, but the luck was important. We love what we do, this is a secret too.

Being a thrash band, what are the bands that influenced you?

Prika: A lot of bands, like Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Testament, Kreator, Destruction, Napalm Death, Death, etc.

Have you ever been invited to play with Brazilian Legends Sepultura?

Prika: This is a dream for me, but we didn’t have this opportunity yet. I hope this will happen soon.

“Nervosa” means angry. What’s the reason for choosing this name, do you girls get angry often 😉 ?

Prika: hahahaha… this is a question often…hahaha.. we didn’t get angry, we’re angry!..hahaha I’m just kidding. It is a word in portuguese that means angry girl exactly. This name is aggressive female, in portuguese (our native language) and that other languages can undestand what it means.


Did you ever think that you would get to your current place in the thrash world when you started the band?

Prika: This is our dream since of our life. We worked and work to get good things. We are a new band and we have a long road away.

Was it hard to find your place in the male dominated thrash metal world?

Prika: We are getting space yet. We get something in a short time, but many things will happen. The thrash world respect us a lot. I’m so proud about this.

You got signed with Napalm Records, how did this work? Did you contact them, or did they contact you?

Prika: We released our first videoclip “Masked Betrayer” and Schmier from Destruction shared our clip in our Facebook page. Napalm Records saw and sent an email to us and we signed with them.


What are your plans now that your new album is out?

Prika: We have around 90 shows confirmed now. We’ll do 3 tours for the first time in Europe in some summer festival. Then USA and Canada and then Europe again but with Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam and Enforcer. It’ll be a big party, we’re very anxious!

Have you scheduled a tour yet?

Prika: Yes! We’ll play in more than 18 countries. You can check all the dates in our site

Thanks you very much for taking the time to talk to us! Do you have a message for the fans?

Prika: Thank YOU, for this opportunity. I just to say, thank you very much everyone, stay in metal and I will see you in the shows!

Keith Clement

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