“Obituary” Interview by Shibalika Tamuli

Welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m finding it impossible to describe what a huge honor it is to have you guys with us, thank you very much for your time. How have you been? Busy with the upcoming album I guess?

Yes we have been staying very busy since “Inked in blood”. Had a blast riding the new album and recording it, kept us on our feet.

I’ve read a ton of Obituary interviews and there were always questions about Unation and Metal Meowlisha. I’d just like to know where the two organisations are going in the present time. Is Unation really helping you in connecting better with your huge fan base?

We’ve helped Unation in their early stages of development but since have stepped back and focused on obituary until they become an actual “thing”.

I guess it’s harder than they ever anticipated to develop a website/company/app like they are trying.

As for the MetalMeowlisha we stay very busy helping the homeless cats of Tampa and are volunteers for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and their Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return program (TNVR). This stops the breeding process and cuts down on the homeless cats in my community. We then monitor our colonies providing them with food and water and regularly rescuing kittens, getting them off the streets, spay/neutered, socialized, then into an adoption program thru a few rescue groups we work closely with and get them adopted into homes. It’s something my girlfriend and I have been doing for nearly 13 years and we are very passionate about it. Fans can follow us if they wish on our FB page.
www.facebook.com/metal meowlisha

You guys have been making music, defining death metal and touring for a really long time (maybe even getting tired of the touring part at times). I remember Don saying you guys would like to play in India sometime. Being an Indian girl and a huge fan of you guys myself, I can’t help but ask, will you really be willing to play a set in here? It’ll be a dream come true for every Indian death metaller.

We would love to make a trip to India and hope that one day it comes true for us and our Indian MetalHead fans. We stay very busy trying to get to every corner of the planet and hopefully one day we make it there.

You guys are big Slayer fans, aren’t you? TARDY BROTHERS’ debut album, “Bloodline”, came out in April 2009. Did the title have anything to do with Slayer?


Are there any bands that contributed in the making of Obituary musical style in any way?

Just all the music we grew up to in the 70s and 80s. We have always been fans of music long before Metal or death metal was even a word or category. The list is too long…

What are some of your favorite death metal bands?

Carcass, Death, HellHammer, Venom… we love Metal!!!!!

In one of your interviews you’ve said that the more you go back in time listening to former releases of your favourite bands, the more it gets better. Speaking of present time there are countless new sub-genres of death metal emerging almost everyday, what’s your take on the evolution of Old School Death Metal? Do you find the new music appealing or would you stick with OSDM like most of the other musicians?

I think it’s great how many new bands there are and the amazing talent of some of these young musicians. Great to see fans following many new bands as well, music makes us happy, that’s what it’s therefore. I am a creature of my catalog and love my old metal albums. Dio, Mercyful Fate, Slayer…

I’ve seen a lot of musicians entertaining the belief of how one can not really support a band without buying their CDs/Vinyls. What do you think of the people who’d rather download an album?
It is important for fans to truly support the bands they like and purchased their albums when released. Bands pour their blood sweat and tears into writing and recording the songs for them for that purpose. The Internet is here and streaming music will be around forever, I just hope fans realize how important it is for them to properly support the bands they love.

It’s obvious that you guys will never want to play anything except death metal, but are you into any other genres? What are your hobbies? What do you do when you’re not jamming/setting stages on the death metal fire?

Metal, Cats and Life!!!!!

The contemporary metal scene, be it death or black metal, or any other genre, is getting broader everyday and getting more mainstream with the gaining of a huge audience and the birth of so called “elitists” and “posers”. What is your take on keeping the scene “underground”? How do you think too much mainstream attention is gonna affect the community?

Underground music will always find its way to fans, I don’t think it’s a bad thing for it to grow and open bigger doors. It’s up to the fans to figure out what bands they love and follow and support them. Obituary will not be a radio band and we are totally OK with our status on this planet. Just good to know there are fans that still worship our music and we really appreciate them.

Following the track of the last question, what do you think of the”genre”-lizing of metal acts? Most of the musicians I’ve talked to don’t seem to give a damn.

I hate categorizing music as well, you like the music you like who cares what you call it.

A little brutal slice of teaser about the upcoming album?

The new album is done, ready for release and ready to rip your face off so prepare for an ass kicking… you have been warned!!

Again, thank you very much for your time. The largest metal community in the Universe (Metalheads Forever) is dying to hear from our favourite Executioners, leave a message!

Stay metal my friends!!

Shibalika Tamuli / MHF

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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