Pure American Rock | Interview With Cameron Kellenberger Of Carbellion

Heavy rock and roll is born of something you can’t put into words. It’s the greasy dirt found under a mechanic’s fingernails as they finish the last car of the day and the sweat-stained shirt stuck to a blue-collar worker’s back as they grind through their third consecutive twelve-hour shift. It’s the feeling of tearing down an open road late at night with the song that make you feel truly free while the person you love rides shotgun. Rock and roll is a sensation we both chase and earn, and it’s the stories of those living life caught in the in between that Carbellion seeks to reach through their music.

Formed in Southeastern Wisconsin in 2004 with the idea they were better together than apart, the men of Carbellion have been forging an original path in music since day one. The members — Brandon Bauer (guitar), Cameron Kellenberger (vocals), Brent Nimz (drums), Jamie Damrow (lead guitar), Steve Sheppard (bass guitar) — fuse elements of grunge and thrash with a traditional rock structure to deliver driving anthems of lives lived on the outer rim of society. Their sound follows in the tradition of forward-thinking groups like Clutch and Alice In Chains, but with hooks and melodies ready for radio.

“We always tell people we make rock music,” explains vocalist Cameron Kellenberger, “but that always leads to more questions. It’s not exactly metal, but it’s not radio rock. We tune down, and we have an edgier sound, but my vocals are mostly clean. It’s nothing like what you heard in the 80s or 90s, and there’s not a lot like us around today. We appreciate comparisons, but we pride ourselves on being original.

Weapons of Choice by Carbellion is the American heavy rock band’s third full-length album that’ll make you feel like tearing down an open road late at night. It was produced by Carbellion and Chris Djuricic (Nonpoint, Soil, Novembers Doom), and mastered by Andy VanDette (Beastie Boys, Porcupine Tree, Rush).

It was a great pleasure to have Cameron Kellenberger on the Interview to talk on the new album and much more of this awesome heavy rock called Carbellion. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

“Weapons of Choice” Track-List:

  1. Barfight
  2. Listen for Ghosts
  3. Pity The Backseat
  4. Spaces
  5. Weapons of Choice
  6. Preacher
  7. Jungle Song
  8. Origin
  9. Seasons of Failure
  10. Stalemate (Live)

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Brandon Bauer – Guitar
Cameron Kellenberger – Vocals
Brent Nimz – Drums
Jamie Damrow – Lead guitar
Steve Sheppard – Bass guitar

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