Scarlet Aura Interview

By Gothik Divaa

In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Romanian metal band “Scarlet Aura”. They are going to talk about their career and their tour in Europe.

Hello guys, How are you today, Greetings from Mexico City! The band has about 5 years of career, it is a young project so how has this been for you, so far?


It was definitely wild! We started in 2014 winning an international contest at Kavarna Rock Fest in Bulgaria, while celebrating our first album – The Rock Chick, we continued by joining Tarja Turunen in an European tour, releasing our second album – Falling Sky, we had in 2017 our first European tour as headliners releasing the single – The Beast Within Me, we then released a cover album honouring our mentors,  named Memories and at the beginning of 2018 we joined Rhapsody Reunion for a 24 tour shows in 13th countries promoting our music and our messages.  In all this time we dedicated ourselves to Scarlet Aura and now we are living the dream, having an amazing European release album tour – Hot’n’Heavy. We’ve been invited by Angra to join them in a North American tour, but some administrative issues with our artists Visa stopped us of doing this; but we move on, step by step and we enjoy every single great review and appreciation on the new album Hot`n`Heavy that you can now purchase at our shows or on


For those who have not had the opportunity to meet the band, Could you tell us how this project was born?


Aura and Mihai started the project, Mihai writes and produces the songs and Aura is writing the lyrics.  At the beginning it was difficult to find people dedicated to the Scarlet Aura purpose on becoming a rising metal star of the east with all the compromises and sacrifices involved, but then Sorin joined and supported the spirit and as Rene came – the team became perfectly mature and aware of the mission that brought Scarlet Aura where it is today and that is: the most appreciated female fronted metal band from Romania known and loved by fans abroad.


I know that within his musical influences he has bands like … Gotthard, Helloween, Iron Maiden, ACCEPT, Europe, Rhapsody, Tarja Turunen, Doro Pesch, Angra, Twisted Sister, Udo and many more. I would like to know with which band would  you like to collaborate (musically) or share the stage?


We would share the stage again with the ones we had already, because we love them as artists and as friends but, of course, we are open to collaborate with any band on the metal stage because we share the same love for the music.

Well … talking about your upcoming album titled “Hot,n Heavy” to be released via Sliptrick Records on December 11th, 2018. How was the creative process with this project?


When you work on an album the entire world shuts down. Then it needed a lot of focus and a lot of meditation through our music to be honest and real in our creation, our playing. Mihai Danciulescu is our song writer so he does the hard work and also as a sound engineer and producer but the rest of the team is also there next to him, bringing their own involvement and skills. Then Aura comes with lyrics and vocals and everything arranges like in a dream; although it’s hard work and dedication.  Now we are happy of the outcome and so far we saw that the public is too, so all our efforts worth it.


This album has 11 songs… and 1 bonus track Which one is your favourite song? and Why?


It’s a really difficult question…we love all the songs. But having in mind the first single released from the album we would all agree on “Hail to You!”. It’s our way on showing respect to our fans!


I know that making an album costs a lot of work, so I would like to knowWhat were the challenges that you faced to complete this project?


The challenge is to never give up! Continue and get over your impossibility and over your fears, become a better artist!


How do you think the reception of this album will be? (media / fans)


As we said, it is already well received and all we can do is hope that this album will be loved and appreciated as much as we do.


On the other hand to promote your work, you have an European tour from September 22, 2018 to October 25, 2018. What are the expectations that you have with this trip?


No expectations! We go with our hearts open, with a wide mind and a warm heart. We expect only the unexpected so we take things as they are. In this manner we always appreciate more our efforts and our fans love.

Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to talk to you, thanks again for your time for  “Metalheads Forever Magazine”.


MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa


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