by David Maloney

SINPROPHECY is a Melodic Death/Doom Metal band from Cairo, Egypt , formed in 2009, the band started as a band called HARMONY OF VIOLENCE, is this accurate? What events led to the band changing it’s original line? And changing the band name? I’ve read a couple Bio’s about the band, I don’t usually ask bands generic questions but there is an interesting story behind the name SINPROPHECY. Can you tell our readers more about it?

Well, that’s right “Sinprophecy” back in the day it was “Harmony In Violence” and it was formed in 2009. The story behind changing the name started when we changed the genre cause we originally started as a Groove Metal Band then we had some lineup changes and later we changed the band’s genre to be Melodic Death/Doom Metal and I think the question now is why we changed the genre? The answer of that question is that we wanted to satisfy all the members tastes and influences so Melodeath was the perfect genre for us, plus Melodeath wasn’t that familiar genre between Egyptian Metal bands so it was more like a challenge to us to put our signature in a rare genre in our country, plus most of our influences came from the Scandinavian music. Talking about the name and the concept of the band that’s because the main theme of band is the relation between Sin and Humanity, we are trying to prove that all humans are sinners by nature since we walked this doomed earth, and Utopia never exists and it will never be, but it depends on you to be a good or a bad sinner.

I understand you are located in Egypt, can you tell us more on the musical landscape there? And how is metal received? Are there any political barriers or religious barriers hindering the band’s progression? Culturally speaking does this influence the musical direction of the band in terms of Lyrical content and band development?

Well, Egypt has been such a big influence and source for a lot of music but not for Metal, as you know it’s not that kind of familiar genre here, in another words for the majority of people thank that we are nothing but a bunch of retarded freaks playing the music of the devil, as we’re always accused by satanism and devil worshiping, although Egypt got the biggest Metal Scene in the Middle east and one of the biggest around Africa, but comparing it worldwide, we got no chance and talking about if we got influenced by Egypt’s Culture in our music, No I don’t think so, you could just hear a couple of oriental scales in a very few riffs in our music, really few.

In 2011 the band played their first live show at “ Extreme Noise Event” how was this experience? Was it all you hoped it would be? Did you gain some knowledge into the Metal realm and see from another vantage point how the Festival circuit works? And to play with other band’s and peers and hearing their stories? What advice would you give to young bands starting out in your country and Countries all over the World? What was it like to play and compete in the Wacken Metal battle in Egypt?

It was one hell of a night, I actually still remember that day very well, and to be honest it was more than we’ve expected and sure we gained a lot of experience by performing with elder bands and in front of a big crowd and also to know how things are going when you decide to be a professional act and not amature anymore, And our advice to the younger generation and the future bands of our country is to keep going whatever you face and whatever the ignorants say, there is no shame in being amatuer and asking, the shame is staying amatuer and for the bands outside you guys should give it a try and perform in Egypt as we guarantee you will see one of the most motherfuckin’ badass retarderd crowd ever, and please take out from your heads the idea that we’re living in tents and riding camels, also you may support your fellows in Egypt and support us to deliver our message to the whole world,and about performing in Wacken Battle In Egypt, that day was very special as it was a bloodbath on the stage between the bands and a real comfort zone backstage, we were mocking each other while performing, having some good conversations and sharing some point of views, I can say it was a day to remember.

How did adding a keyboard come to fruition? How was it perceived by your fans? I understand you have changed drummers a lot in a short period of time, are we trying to be the next SPINAL TAP? Lol. I understand you are heavily influenced by Scandinavian Music and culture. Can you tell us more about this and what bands influenced you the most?

Adding a keyboard to Sinprophecy was one of our great decisions ever, it gave our music that atmospheric mode, it made the music even richer and more solid and touchy, and it was very welcomed by our fans.

And talking about Drummers, no Spinal Tap were killing them I guess and hiding it with a good cover of a sudden death or accident. We didn’t mean to change members but you know it always happens even with the biggest bands worldwide, simply it’s life man . and yes we are influenced by Scandinavian Music and culture, and to be honest I don’t know why exactly, but maybe that cold, gloomy, brutal and atmospheric mode that takes you in when you listen to it, maybe the stories and lyrical theme, maybe because of the Vikings.

It’s hard to mention all the bands but we’re gonna mention some of them (Swallow The Sun- Dark Tranquility – Godgory – Amon Amarth – Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Wolfheart – Before The Dawn – Insominum – Draconian – Daylight Dies) and more.

In closing can you tell us what the future holds for SINPROPHECY,? You guys released a new album this year as well “Through Sacrifice And Redemption” How has it been received so far ? can we expect some touring? If so where can your fans find you in the 2017?

We still don’t have a specific plan or timing but we’re looking forward to record our second release as we already done with almost 70% of its composing and even performed some of it’s tracks exclusively in some of our previous shows, and maybe we can perform outside Egypt, we’re really looking forward to it but we’re looking for some kind of good deal that we can afford as we got some deals before but we couldn’t afford it, and mainly we would like to perform in Europe as the kind of music that we play is familiar and appreciated there more than any other place, I guess.

I would like to thank you for being here with us at MHF Magazine, it was a pleasure to speak with you. Do you have any final thoughts or messages for your fans worldwide and readers of our publication? We wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.

At the end on behalf of Sinprophecy I would like to give a special thanks for Mr.David Maloney and MHF Magazine, it is such an honor for us, and we really appreciate your support and concern and glad that you liked our stuff.Some few words to our fans worldwide and readers of this publication, thanks for giving us some of your time to listen to our music and supporting us, and for those who don’t know us when you find some free time you may check our music and stuff and hope you like it, and if you did ?! you can do us a favor if you know any promoter or organizer in your country you may suggest your fellow sinners to them, wishing that we could meet you guys one day, so keep it up and Cheers!!!Regards,Sayed.

David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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