by Trisha Lindley

Can you tell us a little about how you came together as a band in 2013? Had you known each other previously or had you played together in the past? Please tell us each member’s role within the group and have they all been with you since the inception of the band?

Honza: The band was founded by the two frontwomen, both Janas, and me. Back then, the three of us have had known each other for a while. The rest of the band members joined us later. Originally, we had just one guitar, but since 2014 there are two guitarists in the band. It took us a while to assemble the line-up, but we were lucky enough to find Jakub in 2015 for drums – that has really supported the aggressivity of the sound and overall direction of where Misfolded are going. Overall, we now have me and Michal Chvála on guitars, Petr Mašek on bass, Jakub Hřebíček on drums and Jana Oltová and Jana Kopecká as lead vocalists. Currently, Jana O. brings in most of the musical ideas and Jana K., on the other hand, is behind all the band´s graphics, which really helps us to progress much faster in the band promotion.

You have been busy! You have already released an EP “Isolated” in 2014 and then also a full length album in May of this year titled “Restless Continuum”. How is the writing delegated among the members? What are some of the inspirations for “Restless Continuum”?

Jana O.: Currently, majority of the ideas for music and lyrics come from me and we then develop and polish them together during the rehearsals. We have different influences and inspirations for the music, lyrics, and the overall sound. When composing songs for this album, I was thinking a lot about how they would fit together as we aimed to create an album that would be more than just a compilation of songs. In addition to the album integrity we also wanted to build up a solid base for our live performances and I think we have succeeded. Playing the album as it, is from the beginning to the end during our live gig is a lot of fun and the fans just love it! Lyrically wise, we are mostly stepping around social issues, ignorance and lack of responsibility. We try to put as much emotions as we can into the lyrics, which helps us to interpret it in a realistic way. I guess that is very important for the fans at our live shows.

I just adored the album!! The blending of the vocals and the excellent musicianship is just amazing! How did having two front women come about?

Jana K: Thank you, it is always nice to get such a positive feedback! Concerning the two vocals, that was not an intention, it just developed very naturally. We met each other at vocal lessons and soon found out that we are both into heavy music. We even did some metal covers together and had a lot of fun with that. Then, the band in which Jana O. was engaged, kicked her out and she decided to start a brand new one – Misfolded.

Did you set out to have a melodic death sound, is it just a label that has been pressed upon you or is it just a blending of your individual playing styles coming together? How do you feel your fans are receiving your new album?

Honza..: As a band, we have evolved into death metal gradually. We have started much softer at the beginning and with every new member we implemented a little bit more aggressive way of playing; however, we still kept the melodic themes interpreted by various instruments, vocals or samples. There is no strict definition of what the melodic death metal represents and we think it still describes pretty well what we are doing, but for sure, we are different from the famous scandinavian melodic death metal bands like Amon Amarth or Insomnium. We have even been criticized by one reviewer for describing our music as melodic death metal because we sound nothing like these bands! As the new album is out, I think it is safe to say we are delving deeper into the groove metal direction. That is probably because we try to maximize what we can get out of a song also performance-wise and for that purpose, groovy music works great, although we are also inspired by some hardcore bands and other genres, especially for the vocals. So, all the different influences blend together and in the end we try to highlight our own approach to composing and playing music as much as we can. So far, the album has been received well! The reactions from the fans are very enthusiastic and we’ve also got a bunch of positive reviews, which we find extremely motivating.

I’m sure you have had your fair share of gigs, I saw you have some future shows scheduled. Where can your fans find you in the upcoming year of 2017? Have you toured internationally? If so where and can we expect any international travel in the near future?

Jana K.: Yes, in addition to the numerous gigs we plan in our homeland, we are planning a European tour for spring and summer 2017. We will announce the details shortly. Sincerely, we can’t wait to present Restless Continuum to more fans throughout Europe!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at “Metalheads Forever Magazine”! Are there any last words for your fans? What can they come to expect from “Misfolded” in the near future?

Jana O..: For the next few months we plan as many live gigs as possible. The recording process was fun, but what we really enjoy most is to play the songs live! Also, we are in the process of production new music videos, so there’s a lot to be excited about. We would like to thank the fans for the support they are giving us!

It was a pleasure talking to you, Trisha!

Trisha Lindley/ Metalheads Forever Magazine

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