by Craig Obert


Okay, full disclosure: I like this band!

1. They make great heavy and driving music that demands to be cranked.

2. They allowed MHF to use one of their songs as our theme song. First class guys. Thanks.

Personally, when I hear the about a band with “members from this and that band…,” I have reservations. Much better to listen to the bands you already know….right?


Penetration will perhaps bear some resemblance to other bands, but more importantly, they incorporate the sounds of their individual experiences…thus bringing you something you’ve never heard. This is first rate Black Thrash Metal. Think Motorhead meets Goatwhore….my first thought anyway.

Comprised of Marc Reign on drums (Morgoth and Destruction,)

Jesse “Black Bart” Bartlett on vocals and guitars

Adam “Nasty” Netto on Bass,

Penetration delivers fast, hard hitting metal, and if you listen to the words, it’s thought provoking as well. Barlett, the trio’s chief songwriter, has a bare-knuckled approach to his lyrics. Stark imagery, only thinly veiled metaphors, and to the point. This man has something to say.

With an amazing rhythm section and guitar that is brutal yet precise, Penetration offers stellar musicianship. They are self-produced and underground as can be. Hopefully, the world will soon know their name.

1. War Will Never End ; An unflinching look at mankind and its propensity for self- destruction. Taking particular aim at religion, this song will make you think about more than a few things about our world.

2. See You In Guantanamo ; Super-charged, super-fast and super dismal portrayal of America. Listen to the words and let the conversations begin.

3. Hell Wants More Souls ; Jesse Bartlett’s first-hand account of an attempted burglary. The perpetrator did not fare well, to put it mildly. Kudos to Bartlett for
turning this experience into song.

4. Metalheads Forever ;  MHF theme song!! An anthem for all of us. This song pays homage to several Metal and Hard Rock artists from over the years. Practically every line references a Metal icon or song. Reportedly, there could be several subsequent songs here.

Personally, I welcome a full length album from these guys. Until that happens, I’ll be playing this on full volume. Highly recommended.

Craig Obert / MHF

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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