We Hunt Buffalo

Interview with Ryan Forsythe by Keith Clement

A  sound with a lick of traditional Hard Rock and a taste of modern Metal, when it’s put in a perfect cocktail of togetherness we have “We Hunt Buffalo” the boys from Vancouver, Canada (HEY). It was a pleasure to spend some time with our brother Ryan Forsythe the man on Vocals. Their keeping the lost Rock and Roll sound for the modern day, with a hint of badassery and a dash of Metal and we have some Anthemic Canadian Old school sounds and I love it and you the reader the fan will most certainly dig it…… Let’s go…

The band:

Ryan Forsythe – Vocals/Guitar
Cliff Thiessen – Bass/Vocals
Brandon Carter – Drums


Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?


Hey Keith, doing great on a break from work, things are cool here and preparing for our trek across our beautiful Country.


Head Smashed In is scheduled to be released on October 26th, how thrilled are you guys about it?


How thrilled? we are so excited, we still have our apocalyptic theme carrying forward from the last record, with some great grooves and Psychedelic overtones, you are sure going to enjoy this.


Angler must die video is so cool, was the animation done by you guys?


Thanks a lot, Yes it was done by us, we didn’t have the money to make a video as it costs so much money, so when it comes to it, we have to make things on our own, we made a lot of animation and slide it in and rolled it out and we have our own budget video.


Why We Hunt Buffalo?


It’s just an annotation, due to too frequent hunting of Buffalo, it’s going the way of extinction, in the same way, Rock and Roll are losing its touch and to save this dying breed We call it “We Hunt Buffalo”.


What does the future holds for We hunt Buffalo?


We love what we are doing and will do it as long as we can.

You guys are doing this for a very long time making music in Vancouver, Canada, why did you choose to stay within instead of expanding your Provinces & territories?


It involves a lot of money and we don’t make that kind of money, When the right time comes we will be happy to meet our fans from around the world.


Do you have a message for the readers of the Magazine?


Our new album is coming out, buy it if you like us, buy our merchandise, if you are around come to say hello to us, we would be happy to meet you.



MHF Magazine/Keith Clement



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