8 HOUR ANIMAL: American Harsh Post-Industrial Ruiner Unveils Bludgeoning New Album “Resigner” – Track Premiered At No Echo.

We’re excited to announce our allegiance with American one-man harsh/post-industrial deconstructor 8 HOUR ANIMAL, as we prepare the release of the act’s bludgeoning new full-length LP “Resigner”, slated for release on LP/MC/digital formats on August 6 2021 worldwide via Sentient Ruin and now pre-orderable on our webshop and Bandcamp.

To coincide with the album’s announcement, respected underground punk/alternative/experimental publication NO ECHO.net has revealed the opening track “Almost Free” calling the track “nightmare fuel”, with marked “Wax Trax meets Earache Records-like vibes”. They further elaborated that “the sound of 8 Hour Animal is a jarring one. A one-man operation whose stylistic approach invites everything from industrial to black metal to power electronics to, well, a host of other harsh points between.”. You can read their feature and check out the track HERE.

The sound of dissolving reality, shattered nerves and unraveling hope, “Resigner” is a nerve-wrecking full length offering of vitriolic post-industrial annihilation that both celebrates and re-imagines the imperious deconstructionism and experimentalism of glorious acts like Controlled Bleeding, :Wumpscut:, Wolf Eyes, Godflesh, Skinny Puppy, Skullflower, Ministry, Incapacitants, Coil and beyond. Through a masterful transfiguration of disorienting atmospherics, oppressive soundscaping and raw intensity, on “Resigner” 8 Hour Animal blurs beat-driven electronic industrial, scorching power electronics, raw punk and black metal, blackened metallic drone, dark ambient, and pure noise into an hallucinogenic and caustic forty-plus minute mechanized nightmare of pure post-industrial chaos and oblivion.

8 Hour Animal is the sound unravelling life and collapsing dreams, of fear and loss of self as flesh is dragged across broken glass. The enigmatic and mysterious one-man blackened harsh industrial entity emerged from the East coast in 2020 via a string of extremely limited home-dubbed tapes focused on abstract pummeling harsh noise wall and power electronics, but brand new sophomore album “Resigner” brings new focus and definition to the project, adding a whole new arsenal of tangible and iconic horrors to its hideous framework, as elements of classic industrial and metal make their way into band’s sound taking it to a new realm of urgency and destructiveness. Written in complete loneliness and isolation “Resigner” fuses heavy grinding guitars with industrial percussion, caustic atmospherics, and walls of hateful hissing noise to paint a daunting modern design to complete self-annihilation. The lyrics dealing in self harm, despair, fear and deep self-hatred further define the self-projected sonic downfall that aims at representing the end of self, the quitting of life, the erasure of future, and the complete suppression of hope and happiness. “Resigner” is a harsh industrial weapon for complete self-eradication.


Disturbingly Good


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