After The Burial – ‘Evergreen’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Sumerian Records/Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore

There isn’t a need to search far before finding prefixes such as technical, progressive, blackened or melodic attached to numerous subgenres. Therefore, it isn’t long before looking at After The Burial (ATB) and finding the word progressive attached to either Metalcore or Deathcore. In their circa 15-year career, ATB have established themselves as one of the most popular bands in their genre with the band recently releasing their sixth album ‘Evergreen’.

‘Dig Deep’, the last album from ATB was received relatively well by both critics and fans and it is hardly surprising that ‘Evergreen’ follows respectively in these footsteps. What can be heard here are guitars of Trent Hafdahl which deliver intricate passages throughout the songs, from virtuosic noodling to downright dirty groove shredding that can be seen in no better examples than during the excellent ‘In Flux’ and the harmonic dancing of the albums opening track ‘Behold The Crown’. Whilst the harsh vocals of Anthony Notarmaso strongly prowl throughout and pull ‘Evergreen’ along, it is the metronomic powerhouse drumming of Dan Carle which is the most impressive. In fact, it is this drumming which makes ‘Evergreen’ so interesting and without it, this album would be relatively dull. Unfortunately, ‘Evergreen’ does require somewhat of a conscious listen to appreciate the musical talent within. However, beyond conscious listening, it does become difficult for this album to be digested.

Yet, other than this, ATB have delivered another decent album with ‘Evergreen’, yes, it will not appeal to everybody, but there is enough here for fans of the genre and band to thoroughly enjoy.

Rating : 62/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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