Alternative/post-hardcore band NATJAGER release new album in May

The new generation of the well-regarded Danish hardcore and post-hardcore scene is here!  

NATJAGER releases new album “At kende bølge fra hav” in May

Photo: Teis Mortensen / Edit: Jakob Printzlau

Danish melodic post-hardcore band NATJAGER is ready to unleash their second full-length album “At kende bølge fra hav” roughly translated to “To know the wave from the sea”. 

NATJAGER are using a lot of elements from different genres and have been classified as everything from post-hardcore to “Cher” metal.
One thing is certain, NATJAGER is different and a thing completely of their own.
They made a huge impact on the danish music scene when they released their first EP back in 2017 as the band’s use of autotune combined with metal, was not for everyone. Nevertheless the haters have cooled down a bit and the band is now remembered for their high energetic concerts, explosive pop songs wrapped in massive guitars and their beautiful, intimate danish lyrics.

For this album, the band has teamed up with Jeppe Andersson ( MØ, Scarlet Pleasure, Christopher etc.) and it’s a match made in heaven. “At kende bølge fra hav” is the sound of a band that has grown and matured as musicians and songwriters.

It’s NATJAGER as you know them, but everything is tweaked to a 110 procent.
The huge melodies, violent riffs and the tight rythm section is intact, but they have paid even more attention to every single detail in their complicated soundscape. 

“At kende bølge fra hav” will be released in digital and LP (yellow vinyl, limited to 300 units) by Last Mile Records on May 13th, 2022. Pre-orders available here.

Jon Kirkhoff – vocals
Torben Vestergaard – keyboards, vocals 
Ronni Rohde – guitars
Jacob Mezin – drums
Kian Wulf – bass 



“At kende bølge fra hav” tracklist:
Side A:
A1. Konkylie
A2. Elendighed
A3. Alt Under Himlen
A4. Skær Her
A5. Bjerget (feat. Wanr)

Side B:
B1. Batteri 666
B2. Overdosis
B3. Skind & Ben
B4. Ola
B5. K.V.V.H. (feat. Emil Breuning)
B6. Skygge Og Blide Bølger