The lyric video of “Thorns Of Shame”, the new single from AMTHRYA, is now available at this location. This is the second track from the new album that the black metal band is due to release this upcoming winter via Ad Noctem Records / Drakkar Productions.
The recording sessions took place at Black Church in Ghemme (Novara. Italy), by the same Barry Yukimura, founder and guitarist of the group.

The music of the band, which is led by the terrifying Kasumi Onryō, is undoubtedly guided by darkness, the ferocity of the rhythmic session is now a trademark, but it’s in the sound and style research that the members of AMTHRYA manage to reach their artistic peak, embracing both moody an oppressive downtempos and psychotic and obsessive moments.

The portal is open, a window to the void. The shame of the crime evolves and transforms.
No hope of redemption. Here it is… The Grudge has taken shape.

Stream “Thorns Of Shame” here:

For more info on the new release, pre-orders, merchandise, live dates and everything else related to AMTHRYA, please visit the official web channels:

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