Italian progressive Rock discovery KAJOSHIN signed with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their album “Chrisalys”, due for re-release on October 21st, 2022.

“2021 – Kajoshin – “CHRISALYS” album “…the tracks on an album must complement and contrast one another… this creates the emotional tension required to pique the listener’s interest…”
This is what Adrian Belew, guitarist, and singer of King Crimson, stated in the early 1980s.
This quote fits perfectly with Kajoshin’s compositional philosophy. The Italian band, after a period of inactivity, is back in the game with an album almost entirely composed by its leader, guitarist and singer Claudio Russo. The year 2020, with the outbreak of the pandemic and the lockdown forcing people to stay indoors for months at a time, is a perfect time to get ideas together and find new awareness.
The tracks on the album include unreleased compositions created with the old line-up and others written from scratch during the lockdown period. The form is that of the concept, so dear to the progressive bands of the 1970s such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and Pink Floyd: the work is seen as an ‘initiatory journey, a life journey, an adventure, which catapults us into ourselves, and as with every journey, we never return home quite the same as before. Psychedelia, progressive, stoner rock, experimentation but also songwriting are the ingredients of the album, mixed in a personal and unified style. The world, since that fateful year 2020, is no longer the same as before, and the title ‘Chrisalys’ encapsulates this change: we are all by our nature in perpetual evolution, and this moment we are living through pushes us to accelerate. From a caterpillar, we must become a beautiful butterfly.

KAJOSHIN Progressive rock/psychedelia/soundtrack Kajoshin are a Paduan progressive rock band born in 2009. Its founder, Claudio Russo (vocals and guitar), a former member of Imbarcadero’s, Sintribe, and Massimo Danieli Soulshift, wants to create a new musical project based on their previous experiences and their own background. KAJOSHIN are looking for a 70’s progressive sound, inspired by bands like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Gong, mixing modern influences, nu-metal, funk, and psychedelic. The initial line-up sees the founder alongside the bassist Eros Pipinato and the drummer Stefano Pontellato, younger and coming from the underground scene of Piovese. Together they gave birth in 2010 to their first self-produced EP entitled “KAJOSHIN” and two years later they produced their first album “ARMI DI SEDUZIONE DI MASSA” (2012). The album was recorded at Stefano Pivato’s Noshoes Studio and for a year they gravitated around the music scene of the Brenta Riviera, performing in various clubs, and festivals, placing well in various national contests, with a good following of the public and good reviews from critics. During this period Davide Eulogi, a multi-instrumentalist who gives talent and fullness to the sound of the band, joins the line-up.
Since 2013, the Kajoshin are in crisis and dissolve. The members join other independent music groups and cover bands. In 2014 Claudio Russo tries to reform the group with little success and the project seems to have finally faded. Claudio released in 2015 a self-produced solo album entitled “ETERNAL SUNSHINE”, a mainly acoustic album with a dreamy atmosphere. Five more years pass before Claudio Russo decides to put the project back on its feet. In March 2020, taking the opportunity provided by the lockdown, the founder puts together the pieces of creativity diluted over the years, churning out ten tracks ready to be printed on disk. Thus was born “ChriSalyS” which was recorded in the summer of the same year at the GreenVibes Studio of his friend and collaborator Alberto Pigazzi. Now Kajoshin more than a band is the pseudonym of the founder himself, joined to the composition by Pigazzi who, in addition to being a studio technician, is also an excellent drummer and multi-instrumentalist. The album comes out in February 2021 and promises to be just the starting point of an adventure yet to be lived.
“ChriSalyS” (2021) The new album collects 10 tracks written over the last 8 years, some taken and rearranged from the live shows of the first lineup, others recently produced.

Line up: 
Claudio Russo: Vocals, Guitar 
Eros Pipinato: Bass 
Alberto Pigazzi: Drums, Backing Vocals 
Elena Pavanello: Vocals And Backing Vocals

1. The Gate
2. Fightin’
3. I Don’t Know
4. Closure
5. We Don’t Fear, Pt.1
6. Chrisalys
7. An End is a New Start
8. We Don’t Fear, Part.2
9. Implosion
10. Natural Life



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