Anonymous artist ‘Kaosu’ releases Alt-Rock single ‘Somehow’ off upcoming EP ‘Shinjuku Void’. Not much is known about the enigmatic artist with the name Kaosu pronounced Chaos translating to ‘flowers blooming in a chaotic world’ in Japanese. This phrase seems to best sum up Kaosu music outlining both sides of our world, beauty and chaos. 

‘Somehow’ is a brooding Alt-Rock track that follows the story of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. The track looks at the fragility of life compared to the forces of nature along with the resilience of people in times of destruction and heartache. As Kaosu puts it “No matter how horrible and how unjust life can be, people can somehow overcome the harshest of circumstances”

Backed by hard-hitting drum lines distorted riffs and an impassioned vocal performance, the track acts to set a turbulent backdrop for the upcoming concept EP of ‘Shinjuku Void’

Kaosu is heavily influenced by Kabuki culture, a highly stylized form of traditional Japanese popular dance and performance, having spent a number of years studying the craft in the red light district of Kabukicho in Tokyo. Kaosu uses this experience as inspiration to create a sonic and visual palette on EP ‘Shinjuku Void’. 

With very little else known about the artist and the project still in its infancy, time will tell if more information on the ambiguous artist will come to light. 

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