ASGAARD releases single and video for “W sercu nieświata” Acoustic version

ASGAARD Delivers the Final Single from Highly Anticipated EP, “W Sercu Nieświata”

ASGAARD has unveiled their latest single and accompanying video, “W Sercu Nieświata” (Acoustic Version).
This heartfelt rendition serves as the concluding masterpiece from their highly anticipated EP, also titled “W Sercu Nieświata,” further showcasing ASGAARD’s captivating performance and undeniable artistic talent.

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“W Sercu Nieświata” (Acoustic Version) is part of ASGAARD’s EP, featuring acoustic renditions of songs from their critically acclaimed album, “What if…” released in 2022 through Wormholedeath. To explore the full album, visit:

ASGAARD consists of the extraordinary talents of Quazarre on vocals, Hetzer on acoustic guitars, and Flumen on an upright piano and brush snare. Together, they forge a musical force that pushes boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide.

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