Finnish female-fronted metal band Autumn’s Grief will release their third album later this fall – new single out now!

Promo picture by Mikko Virtanen

Finnish metal band Autumn’s Grief released a new single Dead Among the Living on June 5th 2024 via Inverse Records. The track is taken from the upcoming third album ‘Dead Among The Living’ which is released on October 25th 2024 by Inverse Records. 

The band comments:
“Dead Among the Living is a story of a hidden love that stays in the shadows, silenced and unable to reveal itself. The song’s chorus lyrics are partly inspired by Vievee Francis‘ poem How Delicious to Say it. Dead Among the Living is the title song and the first single release from our upcoming third album which is also named ‘Dead Among the Living’.”

LISTEN Dead Among the Living on steaming services:

Autumn’s Grief takes the listener on a journey through the sorrowful and cinematic metal music landscape filled with beautiful piano melodies, dark and heavy guitars, robust bass and mournful vocals. Founded in 2021 and originated from Finland, Autumn’s Grief has released two full albums, The Dead Don’t Smile (2021) and Dead By The Dawn (2022). The third album, Dead Among The Living will be the ending album of the band’s Dead-trilogy. The band consists of guitarist Santtu Rosén (Dead End Finland), keyboardist Ville Skön (Willie Dangerr, Synthwave Willie) and vocalist Noora Virtanen (Tulio)

Autumn’s Grief – Dead Among The Living (single 2024)

Track list:

  1. Dead Among The Living

Composed & Written by Autumn’s Grief

ISRC: FI3FC2483702

Single cover painting by Kris Olson ( Edited by Mikko Virtanen

Autumn’s Grief – Dead Among The Living (album 2024)

Track list:

  1. The Absolution
  2. Dead Among The Living
  3. Perfectly Flawed
  4. Pushing Up The Daisies
  5. The Inquisition
  6. Aberration of Light
  7. The Skyclad Spell
  8. A Light In a Void
  9. The Failure
  10. Alone

Composed & Written by Autumn’s Grief

Album cover painting by Kris Olson ( Edited by Mikko Virtanen

Vocals – Noora Virtanen
Guitar & Bass – Santtu Rosén
Keyboards – Ville Skön
Jarno Petterinen – Session drums


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