Behind The Horror releases single and videoclip “BurnUp the Truth”

Behind The Horror releases single and videoclip “BurnUp the Truth”

The track is the first second from their debut album, titled ‘Burnup This Truth’.

A journey that began in Central-Brazil, took the band Behind The Horror to New Jersey (USA), with a burning passion for metal. With the influence of big names like Sepultura, Metallica and Death, the duo created a unique vision of modern metal and crossed the limits, presenting a sound that goes beyond conventional metal.

To launch the project to the world, the band Behind The Horror shares the single “BurnUp This Truth”, the second promo for their debut album, titled ‘Burnup The Truth’, to be released later this year.

“BurnUp This Truth” brings a lot of feeling wrapped in heavy riffs with eight-string guitars and pulsating drums. “For all those who share that same feeling of love and passion for a dream, for all those who still believe that there is hope and who know that every day is a day of battle and that the enemy never sleeps. For all those who even in the tornado of mishaps that is life hear a distant voice that screams for you not to give up and know that surrender will never be an option. For all those who look at the world and want to change it. Know that we are with you”, said vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Alves.

LISTEN “BurnUp This Truth”:

Founded by brothers Gabriel Alves (guitar and vocals) and Lucas Alves (drums), Behind The Horror has created a unique blend of old thrash metal and progressive metal arrangements, creating a modern sound that is not only characterized by variation and reasonable arrangements and skill, but also has a lot to say lyrically and vocally. The lyrics tell mixed personal stories inspired by favorite games like Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft,

Originally from Brazil and established in New Jersey (USA), the duo laid the foundations for their musical career with the EP ‘… And The Horror Begins’, released in 2013, and now they’re back with a new work, the debut album ‘Burnup This Truth’ which will be released in the coming months. The songs are conceived from long jam sessions, blasting riffs, mixing and transforming everything until it fits.

The band has already received praise from Max Cavalera, who sent a video message to the brothers wishing the success, check out here: With a relentless DIY attitude, Behind The Horror blends the influences of the greats that came before, with the talent and fury to present their music. This is the next step in your quest to change the world.

Genre: Metal Moderno
Gabriel Alves (Guitare Vocals) 
Lucas Alves (Drums)

Production: Gabriel Alves e Lucas Alves

Recording: Gabriel Alves e Lucas Alves

Mixagem e masterização: John Seymour (Area 51 Studio)

Photo: Bruno Lima

Artwork: Gabriel Alves, Raphael ‘Fuel’ Rodrigues, Awan Pena

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