Belly Ache Debuts Enthralling Single “Do You Like to Party?” on Rave Me Hard



Prepare to be cap+vated by the pulsating world of hard techno and heart-pounding grooves with the latest release from the uprising sensation, Belly Ache!

Introducing “Do You Like to Party?” – a sonic journey that will set your heart racing and your feet moving in a frenzy. Unleash Your Inner Raver!

About Belly Ache:

Meet Belly Ache, aka Dan. Raised on the Wirral and schooled in techno on the Liverpool dance music scene, Belly Ache’s love affair with music took him on a journey through the UK’s vibrant dance culture. He fine-tuned his craR in Leeds, exploring diverse genres, before Barcelona’s hard dance scene leR an indelible mark on his sound. A year long adventure in the Catalan capital exposed him to one of the world’s most vibrant hard dance scenes, and raving solo there became a transforma+ve experience that led to new friendships and a deeper immersion into dance music culture.

Belly Ache’s music is all about fast and fun beats designed to make you move. With his debut record label release just around the corner, he’s set to elevate dancefloors everywhere. His message is simple yet profound: through his music, he wants to remind you to have a blast with your friends, to let loose, and to embrace the kind of music that puts a big smile on your face.

About Rave Me Hard:

Rave Me Hard has swiRly emerged as a prominent figure in the electronic music realm, carving its niche within the dynamic techno and hard techno genres. As both a label and an agency, Rave Me Hard specializes in championing and curating boundary-pushing tracks that define the essence of these genres. As a distinct presence that garners the interest of both enthusiasts and ar+sts, Rave Me Hard solidifies its influence in the ever-evolving techno landscape.

Belly Ache
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