Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath is back with a brand new album, and once again
Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost is behind the mic. Bloodbath got started up as a sideproject
with members from bands like Opeth, Katatonia and Edge Of Sanity in 1999
and after that they have released 5 full lenght albums, 2 EP`S and 2 Live albums.
On the arrow arrow of satan is drawn, they have gone more back to the old Bloodbath style
the band is known for, their previous album Grand Morbid when Nick Holmes entered
the band was 
also a great album  and “Old” Nick put all scepsis aside and proved he
also is a great 
Death metal vocalist as well and is very versatile.
The Arrow of Satan is Drawn consist of 10 great old school tracks and have more
than enough 
heaviness, brutality, and is catchy enough with great riffs to satisfy lovers
of tradional death metal and fans of more extreme metal.

My favorite track on the album is “Only the dead survive”, but this album has 10 great tracks
might be one of my favorite death metal releases this year.
So if you are a fan of 
old school I suggest you check this album out.

Bloodbath is:
Nick “Old Nick” Holmes – vocals
Anders “Blakkheim” Nyström – guitars
Joakim Karlsson – guitars
Jonas “Lord Seth” Renkse – bass
Martin “Axe” Axenrot – drums

“Awesome album” 9,5/10

1. “Fleischmann”3:38
2. “Bloodicide”4:56
3. “Wayward Samaritann#3:39
4. “Levitator”4:37
5. “Deader”4:05
6. “March of the Crucifers”4:04
7. “Morbid Antichrist”4:04
8. “Warhead Ritual”3:38
9. “Only the Dead Survive”5:06
10. “Chainsaw Lullaby”3:19


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