MartYrium Review

By Chelf

I’ve never seen MartYriuM live.

Which is sad and also kind of cool because at least I have something to look forward to in the future. I will definitely catch up with them sooner or later where no shadows cast the fire light.

I’ve been following their ventures for a long, long time. And all good things ought to be shared with the world as much as I would like to keep them for myself.

They are full of theatrical atmosphere and smashing brutal vocals and if you expect this to be an article about the wonder that is the female-vocalist-metal-scene it ain’t gonna happen.

They definitely don’t need a shout out from me, Sandra Misanthrope and the ladies of metal are doing their thing remarkably well and to just clinch on that instead of looking at the bigger picture would be a blaspheme against the band.

Which has a lot to offer:

I’ve been listening to their album “Destiny wore a Bondage Mask” every single day for the past few weeks and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

Soulful death, sheathed with black elements, this is the kind of metal that will give you feverish goosebumps and then all of a sudden through all the horripilation, moments of ultimate harmony followed by electric, electro adrenaline-triggering bits.

Pushingly tormenting riffs layered with fierce grunts upon melodic vocals and pulse pounding drums, each song will have you face the dilemma ‘should I move on to the next one or listen to that one again”. You can’t go wrong either way.

If you are looking for a chaotic frantic pace go straight to “Necropendulum”.

If death herself decided to rise from dust and waltz this is what it would sound like.

That and “Demonica Saint” are the true masterpieces, indicative of the bands true nature. And then there’s the five glorious minutes of “Oraculum Strigoi”, and “The Sacrament” don’t make me choose, that’s just a matter of personal preference, there’s not much of a repetition though their work, every song has little elements of surprise to deliver.

How do you do that I asked Count Mortem in one of our conversations.

“We dedicate a lot of time in songwriting. For us music is a journey, we start writing new material and we just let our energy, riffs and melodies to spawn out.

A great thing about MartYriuM is that we all have the same direction towards music, therefore the journey buildup is very natural. The feelings of a black/death metal musician also play an important role in songwriting.

The love, pain, loneliness and depression experienced by a person can never be explained by words but it can be artistically explained by music.

When it comes to lyrics, we often write about our personal lives, including the dreams we encounter.  We do not mention ourselves in lyrics, but instead we manifest our experiences through the eyes of demons and spirits that exists in this world and beyond.

Another thing about our songwriting is that all of us listen to different genres of music, from classical music to death and black metal.  We believe that this also plays an important role in our songwriting.” He said…


This is what makes them so amazing…


Who are they

Vocals – Sandra Misanthrope,

Guitar – Count Mortem,

Guitar – Erebus,

Bass Guitar – Sandmist,

Synths & Programming – Úmarth

Drums – Vulcanus


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