Ukraine’s Techincal Death Metal masters Brilliant Coldness unveil second single ‘Technogenic Illusion’ from long-awaited third full-length album “The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity”!

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“The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity” will be released on July 30th by Dead Center Productions.

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Band says about the album:
This material is something new in extreme music. Imagine Niccolò Paganini plays extreme metal that’s what it’s all about! We call it “Academic Death Metal”. This music played at the limit of physical abilities. It’s a powerful energetic flow of minds and feelings; a journey to the world of magic and wizardry of the human mind’s endless abilities!

The next Single ‘Phantasm’ coming on July 16, stay tuned!

Album cover and tracklisting are as follows:
1. The Ultimate Dream pt. 1
2. The Moment Of Resistance
3. The Top Of The Perish
4. Individual Hell
5. The Crown Of Darkness
6. The Symphony Of The Running Away Life
7. Technogenic Illusion
8. Phantasm
9. Devilish Misanthropy
10. Chameleon
11. The Ultimate Dream pt. 2

Brilliant Coldness was formed in November 1997 by Oleksandr ‘Mor’ Umurzakov (bass guitar back then) and Serhii ‘Angel’ Udovenko (guitars). For a short time the band was named Casket & Morgue, which was changed later to Brilliant Coldness. In the beginning the lyrics were close to insane, full of blasphemy, black sarcasm and brutality. The music was inspired by the most brutal acts of worldwide Death Metal and Grindcore scenes –  DeathMorbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse are few to mention. However, Brilliant Coldness were always striving to create their own extreme music style and make it perfect. I think, in The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal of humanity we finally reached the goal of long-years painstaking work of the band’s founding fathers and the other musicians, which were side by side in this endurance and surviving relay race. The lyrics are more philosophical now but they still mention a magic and otherworld interaction with unknown supernatural nature of being.

Brilliant Coldness discography:
Messengers of Godness Immortality (2002): demo, recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Luhansk, Ukraine) in winter 2001. Released in 2002 by Bloodhead prod. (Ukraine) as a split-mc with Goldprick (Belarus).
Track list:
1. Devastation of Globality.
2. Divine.

Beyond Eternity (2004): recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Luhansk, Ukraine) in summer 2003. Released by Dead Center prod. (Ukraine), CD, MC
Track list:
1. Beyond Eternity.
2. Abyss of Unbeingness.
3. Majesty of Truth.
4. Mental Infection.
5. Unborn.
6. Calling for the Rain (bass instrumental).

Beyond Eternity (2005): re-release, recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Luhansk, Ukraine) in summer 2003 + bonus track “Post-Mortem Reality” recorded and mixed at Hot-Jam Records (Luhansk, Ukraine) in April 2005. Released by Eternity prod. (Ukraine). Re-released album + bonus track from a new material.
Track list:
1. Beyond Eternity.
2. Abyss of Unbeingness.
3. Majesty of Truth.
4. Mental Infection.
5. Unborn.
6. Calling for the Rain (bass instrumental).
7. Post-Mortem Reality.

Poisoned Reality (2006): recorded and mixed at Beasts Studio (Horlivka, Ukraine) during July 2006. The album was officially released by Apollon Records/Painkiller Productions (Netherlands) on October, 27, 2009.
Track list:
1. Kingdom of the Dead.
2. Post-Mortem Reality.
3. Lords of the World.
4. Return to Unbeingness.
5. In Power of Horror.
6. Cobweb of Self-Destruction.
7. Program is Annihilated.
8. Paradox of Madness.
9. Cannibal Rules.

Mor – Bass
Angel – Guitar
Dimas – Guitar
Kim (ex-Jinjer) – Drums
Iven – Vocals

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