Brisbane Prog-Rock Newcomers Release Entrancing New Single ‘Unstable’

Brisbane prog-rock newcomers Mercurious bare it all in their new high-octane and powerfully dynamic anthem ‘Unstable’. ‘Unstable’ is a meticulous masterpiece that will shock and awe in the best possible way with its unstoppable drive and heart-wrenching melodies. 

Unafraid to explore the full spectrum of human existence, vocalist Rhys Bryant delved into his own transformative journey to pen lyrics that will linger in the listeners’ hearts long after the song has finished. Catchy melodies juxtapose the pure progressive power of hard hitting synths layered beneath aggressive guitar work, meticulously arranged instrumentation and addictively complex grooves. ‘Unstable’ is an introspective song that relies heavily on atmosphere as a means of creating momentum throughout the track utilizing dense tapestries to create a surreal and expansive soundscape. 

Bryant on the new release: “I wrote this song during one of the lowest points in my life. I was struggling with depression and suicidal ideation, and I felt like each day might be the final straw. I felt as though nobody understood me, how could they when I didn’t even understand me?  I guess this song was my ‘cry for help’.”

Coming off a successful release of their latest single ‘The Fade’ which garnered Mercurious global coverage and airplay, ‘Unstable’ is an impressive composition to be added to the band’s growing repertoire.  With a dynamic range of fresh material, Mercurious deliver their exciting new sound, proving that they are here to stamp their identity on the heavy music realm.

‘Unstable’ is Out Now via


Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Vainio (Apocalyptica, Wheel, Sunrise Avenue, Lordi)
Recorded & Produced by Raouf Araji & Kalen Austin Productions
Artwork & Graphics by Raouf Araji
Photography by Bruno Goodma, Begoodma


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