Canada’s VARIUS Tease Upcoming Melodic Death Metal EP “Concordance” With Trailer

L-R: Joel Tassillo (Bass) / Joey Scaringi (Vocals) / Vladimir Prokhorov (Drums) / Patrick Forlin (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Britney Goertz

Canada’s Varius are releasing a new EP “Concordance” later this year and the first glimpse into the mayhem within is the EP trailer, teasing at what is in store.

Watch the EP trailer at the following link: 

Although melodic death metal and thrash elements are the “core” of their sound, they always want to emphasize that their influences are a lot more diverse than just those styles. They take an experimental approach to their music and often try to marry heavy metal elements together with elements from other genres.

The band says they are extremely proud of this release as they explain further:

“We think our excitement for it is going to translate to our fans. People who are already familiar with us will probably catch on to songs like “Concordance of the Legionfall” and “Gut Shoveler” right away, and new fans who are into the more extreme end of the metal spectrum will probably be attracted to those. We covered some new ground with songs like “Golden Crown” and “Lament of Dissonance”, so we think our fans will be turned on to a new (but just as heavy) aspect of our sound. With any luck, those songs might attract some new types of listeners as well.”

Varius covers several different lyrical themes through their music, so people who are into fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic or psychological kinds of themes can find plenty of intriguing lyrics in those. 

“Concordance” was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Eddie Lucciola of 414 Recordings. Eddie is a talented up-and-coming engineer and producer who also develops digital plugins with Kiive Audio. Eddie’s expertise in engineering contributed massively to putting “Concordance” together.

The diversity of the riffs and the lyrics will connect with all kinds of heavy metal fans making this well-rounded release suitable for all types, especially those who enjoy Dethklok, Death and Children of Bodom.

“Concordance” comes out on November 5, 2021

Track Listing:
1. Golden Crown (6:03)
2. Concordance of the Legionfall (4:59)
3. Lament of Dissonance (4:43)
4. Gut Shoveler (5:28)
Digital EP Length: 21:14
Note: Physical CD copies of Concordance will feature a bonus track (previously released digitally – 2019)
5. P.I.S.S. (3:22) (CD Bonus Track)
EP Length (CD version): 24:40

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