CAUSTIC CASANOVA have announced six West Coast shows on short notice to take place this December. The Washington D.C. based stoner punks or sludgy riff-rockers (take your pick) will be touring in support of their highly eclectic and absolutely wicked new album “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center”, which was released on October 7, 2022. Please see below for album details and tour dates.

CAUSTIC CASANOVA comment: “We are thrilled with the over-the-top response that we’ve received on ‘Glass Enclosed Nerve Center’ and can hardly wait to close out 2022 with the first dates officially supporting our prog-punk-psych-sludge behemoth”, bass player and singer Francis Beringer announces. “US Southeast, brace yourselves for a Caustic Casanova December to Remember, as we’ll be playing several of the genre-bending riffers from this record amidst a career-spanning set of loud, heavy, unpredictable madness.”

14 DEC 2022 Asheville, NC (US) The Odd +Rougarou +Smoke
15 DEC 2022 Winston-Salem, NC (US) Monstercade +The Sun God
16 DEC 2022 Atlanta, GA (US) Sabbath Brewing +Gnomonaut +Hot Ram +Posadist
17 DEC 2022 North Charleston, SC (US) Tua Lingua  +Snargle +Total Pony
18 DEC 2022 Charlotte, NC (US) The Milestone Club +Monachopsis +The Donner Deads
19 DEC 2022 Louisville, KY (US) Highlands Tap Room Bar & Grill +Galactic Spectre

1. Anubis Rex
2. Lodestar
3. A Bailar Con Cuarentena
4. Shrouded Coconut
5. Bull Moose against the Sky

On their fifth album, the brain-frying “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center”, Washington, DC-based riffonauts CAUSTIC CASANOVA pull an expansive range of sounds into their tight, hyperkinetic core – and explode them outward in a kaleidoscope of progressive heavy rock exuberance.
In ferocious opposition to playing music in an established style that might give listeners a way in but can narrow down what’s allowable, CAUSTIC CASANOVAplant their flag dramatically on the side of genre-agnostic exploration. Simply put, the Americans allow each song to go wherever the hell it wants (or needs) to head towards.
Formed in 2005 as the trio consisting of drummer and vocalist Stefanie Zaekner, bass-player and singer Francis Beringer, and guitarist Andrew Yonki, CAUSTIC CASANOVA‘s chose a path to constantly refine their thrillingly unpredictable music, which careens from sardonic noise rock to proggy sludge in the vein of BARONESS, RED FANG, and TORCHE, while also taking inspiration from the gargantuan heft of MELVINS to BORIS, and fleet guitar heroics with flashes of dark-hued post-punk.
After a number of proudly DIY releases, CAUSTIC CASANOVA caught the attention of KYLESA, who released the band’s third full-length “Breaks” through their own label. Having brought their pure rock fury to the riff-thirsty masses on more than a dozen full and regional US tours, CAUSTIC CASANOVA applied their road-honed chops to bang out a heavier, more joyously swaggering set of righteous songs for 2019’s triumphant album “God How I Envy the Deaf”.
With the addition of second guitarist Jake Kimberley in 2019, the now-quartet set their sights on making the most adventurous and prog-rock CAUSTIC CASANOVArecord yet. “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” underscores all their strengths, while making the most of the expanded line-up that opened up their sound to new possibilities. Beringer’s reedy, melodic bass dances heavily alongside the two frying guitars to empower a trio of lead voices. Zaenker’s percussion is powerfully inventive across the album’s five expansive songs, sounding equally at home in swinging, Bill Ward stomp as in math-rock jitteriness.
Long-time travelers in CAUSTIC CASANOVA‘s orbit will doubtless find “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” an exhilarating welcome back that includes the ambitiously sprawling, 22-minute epic ‘Bull Moose against the Sky’ which occupies the album’s entire B-side. Yet those who are new to the massive sound of these raging psychedelic sludge buffaloes will find outstanding songcraft and rich storytelling that is worth every second and countless repeat spins. Three, two, one… go!

Release date: October 7, 2022

Francis Beringer – vocals, bass
Stefanie Zænker – vocals, drums, percussion
Andrew Yonki – guitar
Jake Kimberley – guitar

Style: Adventurous Heavy Rock

Recorded & engineered by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD, USA
Produced by J. Robbins and Caustic Casanova
Mixed by Andrew Schneider at Acre Audio, Patterson, NY, USA
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, Cornwall, NY, USA

Artwork & Layout by Scott Partridge

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Available formats

“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” is available on transparent blue 180-gram vinyl LP, random-coloured 180-gram vinyl LP and digisleeve CD.



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