CelTauro ‘Origen’ Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Folk/Metal

Late last year, Spanish newcomers to the folk/metal scene managed to sneak out their debut album ‘Origen’. Unlike many of their peers which have come to saturate the genre with stereotypical sounds, growls, accordions and violin jigs, CelTauro take a different approach with ‘Origen’. Not only do the band keep the vocals clean, but the music is exceptionally happy and it is this major key workout when combined with the songbird flutter of the flute which makes this album standout, particularly during the song ‘Al Final del Arcoíris’ whose bouncing melody would appeal to fans of the recent work of Sonata Arctica, whilst many of the guitar and vocal passages during ‘Hijo del Sol’ and ‘La Batalla de Kinsale’ are straight out of post-2000 Iron Maiden.

This album is well-produced and alongside the Celtic overtones, ‘Origen’ adds large elements of the Iberian sound into their music with some excellent musicianship during the song ‘Martes de Carnaval’. However, as much as the production allows us to hear each instrument clearly, it is also its downfall, the pop sheen is very much a hindrance and gives ‘Origen’ an overarching Eurovision feel.

As an album, ‘Origen’ may not stand-out, but that does not mean that it isn’t enjoyable, the album is a solid foundation for the band to build on with some great songs that fans of the genre are bound to adore.

Rating : 7/10

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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