Black Mass ‘Warlust’ Album Review

Black Mass ‘Warlust’ Album Review By Adam McCann

Iron Shield Records/Thrash Metal

Following their electrically charged debut album in 2015, the American trio from Boston are finally back with their sophomore album ‘Warlust’.

As expected, the band blast forward at blistering pace with an album which has all the hallmarks of thrash metal, but Black Mass do not take after their fellow countrymen by following in the footsteps of the so-called ‘Big 4’, far from it, ‘Warlust’ has more akin to the Teutonic sound and would be instantly appealing to fans of Sodom and Kreator. Moreover, vocalist Brendan O’Hare does manage to do a decent impression of Testament’s Chuck Billy and Cronos from Venom during ‘Graveyard Rock’ and ‘Fuelled By Drugs’. Furthermore, one of the highlights of ‘Warlust’ when compared to their peers is how easily Black Mass are content to put their head down and bang out their songs in three minutes. The band waste no time in elaborate breakdowns or showcasing their musical virtuosity a la Metallica or Megadeth, but instead ‘Warlust’ tracks like ‘Fuelled By Drugs’, ‘High Priest In Black’ and ‘Virgin Sacrifice’ are in and out, balls to the wall metal that made the likes of Motörhead, Venom and early Slayer so tantalising.

Of course, there are those that will decry Black Mass as just rehashing old ideas, but they are wrong, ‘Warlust’ is a great album of solid thrash metal that serves as a reminder why the genre is so enjoyable and with it, Black Mass have cemented their reputation as one of the best up and coming bands in the movement.

Rating : 76/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann