Magic Well
Label: Metalapolis Records / SPV
Out: December 6th, 2023
Playing time: 49:04

Starchild were founded in 2014 by singer and guitarist Sandro Giampietro. The self-titled debut album was released in the same year. It took five years until the follow-up “Killerrobots” and another three years until “Battle Of Eternity” (2022). The fans then didn’t have to wait long for the fourth album “Magic Well”. During this time, the band from Lower Saxony had to cope with many changes, especially on bass and drums. For the recordings of the current album, no one less than Michael Ehré sat behind the battery. In the meantime, a new permanent member has been found in Andreas Schütte. But in all these years, the musicians kept the flag of Melodic Power Metal high.

With “War Isn’t Over Yet”, the band from Lower Saxony clearly set the direction. Power metal played straightforwardly and without frills, refined by nightingale Sandro Giampietro. And he also immediately delivers a great guitar solo. And yes, you can hear keyboards. They fit well into the overall sound. Also, on “Castles In The Sky” we hear high-speed Metal. And interim drummer Michael Ehré drives his comrades-in-arms to a perforce ride. “Westernworld” offers a first breather. Acoustic guitars and keyboard orchestration introduce this Metal anthem. The title track “Magic Well” is another anthem right after that. With a sing-along chorus that can be sung quickly. But already with “Violent Violin” the tempo picks up again a bit. But it remains in the anthemic area. With “At The End Of The Rainbow” it goes partly into the high-speed area again. In a rhythm of seconds, loud riffs are fired off. But also, here the chorus is very melodic. “Letters Of Life” is a contemplative ballad. One would think so at first. But as soon as the rhythm section kicks in, you can hear another midtempo anthem. “The Dragon Rises Up Again” then tends towards Speed Metal again. But without reaching the speed of the opening songs. What was already foreshadowed several times is now followed by the power ballad “I’ve Lost A Friend”. The vocals are underpinned by synth strings and partly acoustic guitars. Mastermind Sandro Giampietro lets his guitar literally sing every now and then. Heartbreakingly beautiful. And then it’s back to straightforward Power Metal with “The Golden Train”. Here, too, Starchild prove their talent for beautiful melodic leads during the chorus. “Cyber Punk” doesn’t really live up to its name. No Punk but Metal, with a lot of power and again with a lot of melody. The anthem “Later You’ll Know” ends the album.

Oh God, what a Power Metal album. The Lower Saxons present an outstanding album with “Magic Well”. It’s one of the best I’ve heard lately. The far north of Germany rocks.

Starchild – At The End Of The Rainbow:


Sandro Giampietro – Vocals, Guitar
Andi Pique – Keyboard
Tom Nendza – Bass
Andreas Schütte – Drums
Michael Ehré – Drums on the album

Track list:

  • War Isn’t Over Yet
  • Castles In The Sky
  • Westernworld
  • Magic Well
  • Violent Violin
  • At The End Of The Rainbow
  • Letters Of Life
  • The Dragon Rises Up Again
  • I’ve Lost A Friend
  • The Golden Train
  • Cyber Punk
  • Later You’ll Know
  • Overall Rating - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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