Chaos Rising is a big collaborative online metal project open to every female artist interested in metal music and who wants to involve in any kind of aspect of music and project (playing, recording, album art & design, lyrics, album production, promotion and many more).
The project was created in 2019 by  Stéphaniee Nolf  with the purpose to show and promote women’s  talents and skills. It’s very interesting and amazing proposal for the female metal scene. 
Many women’s from all over the world are involved and work in this ambitious project. 
More material coming soon. 

  • Stéphaniee Nolf (songwriter, guttural vocals, bass, guitar, drums prog., mix, video…), France
  • Catherine Fearns (songwriter, guitar, piano…) Switzerland Britta Görtz (guttural vocals, lyrics) Germany
  • Tina Grusch (bass, graphism), Germany
  • Janaina (drums), Brazil
  • Barbara Teleki (songwriter, guitar, solo guitar) UK
  • Pitchu Ferraz (drums, bass), Brazil
  • Isa Lçn (clean vocals, lyrics), France
  • Anika Ov Moseberg (guttural & clean vocals, lyrics), Germany Audrey Gardenat (drums), France
  • Mel Most (songwriter, guitar, lyrics), France
  • Laura (baritone saxophone and clarinet) Germany Mio Frantic Amber (solo guitar), Sweden
  • Imke Von Helden (guttural vocals, lyrics), Germany Benhaz Ghavidel (clean vocals, lyrics), Iran
  • Maggy Von / Killsoundprods (promotion), Mexico Veronika Valachová / Metal goddesses (promotion)

Links: 55R1f2xXV3kebRA


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