Chasing Embers – Beckoning Call

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Chasing Embers were founded in Kiev (Ukraine) by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak. Soon guitarist Alexey Hrankyn joined the band. But the real band story did not start until singer July Tallina took over the job at the microphone. As strong influences Oldschool Metal are named, but also after the turn of the millennium come Nu Metal. In 2017, the first single “Badtrip” was released, followed by the band’s first video in the fall of 2018 (“Silent House”). Around the same time, the band also worked on the debut album. At the beginning of October, it is time, “Beckoning Call” is in the record shops. Prior to the release, Chasing Embers advertised their album during a tour of their home country.

The title song “Beckoning Call” is right at the beginning of the album. After a melodic introduction you can clearly hear the Nu Metal inspirations. Singer July Tallina convinces with a powerful voice. In all of this the melody over long distances is quite ingratiating. In the second half comes a slightly progressive list. And progressively it goes on. “Desires and Fears” is a bit harder in the tradition of classical metal. Here the singer can prove her qualities as a shouter. In “Spiritual” oriental-sounding sounds can be heard. This seems to be a good tradition with Ukrainian bands. In the video you can see disturbing movie sequences. “High Stakes” starts with strong hard rock riffs. However, the vocals then sounds more like alternative. This contrast works well together. Varied are the musicians, that you have to leave them. With “Carnage” they then knock out a grand Power ballade. And of course, this is refined with a guitar solo. In the introduction to “Silent House” a child’s voice is heard, which could well be out of a horror movie. Thereafter, the band keeps up this mood with harder and nasty riffs. In the background bandmate and drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak growls. I could imagine as a soundtrack to the eighty’s horror. “Drown With Me” is initiated by plucked guitars before heavy metal riffs are used. The song itself is then more in the mid-tempo range settled. Many arching melodies are always counteracted by hard distorted guitars. On the other hand, “Last Night Tonight” is more traditional Metal with many melodic breaks. And with the singing of July, the fans will certainly stretch their fists to heaven. And finally, she shows again that she can groan even very angry. The bouncer “The Moonman” is then again in the 80s metal sound.

With “Beckoning Call” Chasing Embers make a convincing debut. The songs (with the exception of the ballad) are fully kicking ass. With all the power and musical aggression, the Ukrainians repeatedly show their fine knack for beautiful melodies. The songwriting is varied, and many facets of Metal are included. Oldschool Metal, Hardrock and Nu Metal. Exactly how the band wrote about their influences. And if you still have a rock belter like July Tallina in its ranks, then hardly anything can go wrong.

Chasing Embers – Spiritual:


Vladyslav Pospolitak – Drums
July Tallina – Vocals
Alexey Hrankyn – Guitars
Oleksandr Zahorulia – Guitars
Vladyslav Kachanovskyi – Bass

Label: Self release

Out: October 03rd 2019

Playing time: 44:05

Track list:

  • Beckoning Call
  • Desires and Fears
  • Spiritual
  • High Stakes
  • Carnage
  • Silent House
  • Drown With Me
  • Last Night Tonight
  • The Moonman

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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