Dawn of Destiny – The Beast Inside

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Dawn of Destiny exist since 2005. Founded in Wuppertal by bassist Jens Faber, new albums have been released at regular intervals. After the sixth album “To Hell”, it was quiet around the band. Four years have passed since then. Meanwhile, the quartet has a record deal with the small Hamburg label Ram It Down Records. In October, the long-awaited successor “The Beast Inside” will be released. According to the press release, this is an ambitious concept album.

Thematically, ‘The Beast Inside’ deals with a young woman called Christine who lives separated from her mother alone in a foreign town. Due to many violations and traumas she tries to live a new life, but abuse and fear followed her up. When she meets a blind man, she realises someone who comprehends her but the real horror is yet to come when she has to face her own personality.

I’m always skeptical about concept albums. Often the songwriting has to submit to the story. But there are also bands who have managed this tightrope walk between story after composition. Listen, let’s face Dawn of Destiny here.

First piano, then heavy metal guitar riffs – that’s “The Beast Inside A Beauty”. But also, nice melodies. The interplay “The Beauty and the Beast” interpreted in a whole new way. Not elves singing against growls but hard rhythms to melodic. This gives this Power Metal song a strong progressive edge. Great start. Then fate “hits”, melodic, but also a bit dark. After the smasher the midtempo song “It’s My Fate” follows. Towards the end, the beastly growls also come. But Jeanette’s clear vocals dominate. And the hymnic character of the song gives hope. And so, the story is told and musically framed. Although in “Pain In Me” I would not have expected such a straight speed rocker with massive double bass drive. The pain can only be guessed at times. Since you have to pay more attention to the lyrics. Furthermore, the compositions are not strictly subordinated to the concept. neither in the rhythmic mid-tempo of “Fight Your Inner Demons” nor in the straightforward rocking “Peace Of Mind”. On the other hand, with “Looking For A Hero” the search can be heard a little clearer. “Signs In The Sky” then rocks again cheerfully. The all-important question “Why Am I Here?” brings a lot of musical variety. Quiet melodies alternate with hectic passages. And the always interspersed hymns provide for a change of feelings. Then let Dawn of Destiny crack twice (“Already Dead”, “If We Close Our Eyes”) before the album ends yearning. “Longing” is a beautiful piano (power) ballad. Hands up and lighters on!

Is “The Beast Inside” a concept album? Certainly, Dawn of Destiny tell a story. At least we reviewers have also got a multi-page concept story in hand. But fortunately, the compositions are not pressed into a rigid corset. Dawn of Destiny do what they do best, exploring the limits of Power Metal. The excursions into the melodic metal, prog rock as well as the journey into gloomy realms sound very harmonious. And the barely hour Metal never gets boring. A strong album, probably the best in the band’s history. I would like to have more of that.

Dawn Of Destiny – Already Dead (Official Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/0xr4C905_Ms


Jeanette Scherff – Vocals
Jens Faber – Guitar, Bass
Dirk Raczkiewicz – Keyboards
Philipp Bock – Drums

Label: Ram It Down Records

Out: October 04th 2019

Playing time: 56:32

Track list:

  • The Beast Inside A Beauty
  • It’s My Fate
  • Pain In Me
  • Fight Your Inner Demons
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Looking For A Hero
  • Signs In The Sky
  • Surrounded
  • Why Am I Here?
  • Already Dead
  • If We Close Our Eyes
  • Longing

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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