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Swedish producer and songwriter Ronny Svanströmer, founding member of COVERED CALL, is thrilled to announce the release of `Brothers`, the debut single from his latest project, COLD LAKE.

The single is built on a blend between melodic rock and country, and marks a slight deviation from Svanströmer´s previous work.

`Brothers` emerged from Svanströmer’s collaboration with Gothenburg’s own Mathias Tell, whose vocal talent adds depth to the narrative of fraternal bonds that inspired the track. Crafted in Henrik Udd’s studio in Gothenburg, `Brothers` delves into the relationship between Svanströmer’s sons, encapsulating themes of loyalty, love, and the unspoken connection that defines brotherhood.

With its roots deeply planted in modern hard rock with a touch of country, `Brothers` promises an emotionally resonant experience. The track skillfully balances the robust energy of hard rock with the storytelling essence of country music, creating a piece that is both personal and universally appealing.


Mattias Tell: vocals, guitar, bass
Ronny Svanströmer: Drums
Produced by: Ronny Svanströmer
Mixed and mastered by: Henrik Udd and Ronny Svanströmer
Artwork by: Cold Lake Production



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