Corvus Corax Live Streaming Concert: Unplugged & Outside

Corvus Corax Live Streaming Concert round 2: Unplugged & Outside

Venue: Courtyard of Corvus Corax in Berlin Lübars – Livestream
Date: May 21st, 2020

These are not easy times for creative artists. Public events with an audience are currently not possible. This is why many bands start streaming their shows over the Internet. The musicians of Corvus Corax use modern media to stay connected with their fans in touch. After the barn concert in March, they organized another concert on Father’s Day. This time, however, unplugged, on their courtyard near Berlin.

A large meadow, a construction trailer, view of the edge of the forest. This section of the estate can be seen. Before that the musicians. Every now and then a dog runs through the picture. Idyllic. The only thing missing was the audience. They were sitting in front of the computer at home. Both drummers had put on small or large drums. In addition, the sound of three German bagpipes. Later, various flutes, horns and other wind instruments were used. That’s how you know Corvus Corax. Only the big hurdy-gurdy was missing this time. And the gleemen had fun. Latin and Old German were the dominant languages of the evening. Adaptations of dances, drinking and folk songs from many countries were on the program, as well as own songs. That was one hour and three quarters of genuine music from the Middle Ages, a journey through time, so to speak. Speaking of languages. The announcements were made in three languages (German, English, Spanish). A nice evening. The “weather god” obviously also enjoyed it. Bright sunshine was the crowning glory of this event. If you missed the concert, you could now watch it on Youtube. I hope you have as much fun as I had it.


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