Markthalle Hamburg – concerts without audience: Tragedian

Markthalle Hamburg – concerts without audience: Tragedian

Venue: Markthalle Hamburg – Livestream
Date: May 20th, 2020

The corona pandemic has a firm grip on the world. Public life is frozen.

I wrote these lines two months ago. At that time, it was not yet possible to predict how long this would actually take. In the meantime, while some easing of the strict measures were taken. But we are still far from normal. Live concerts? Nothing! It is very satisfying to when various venues and bands concerts organized behind closed doors and this stream live over the Internet.

One of the hottest locations in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Markthalle, has launched a new series of events, the “Concerts without an audience”. These can be viewed on the YouTube channel.

“Social distancing can’t stop Metal!”

On the eve of Father’s Day, the Hamburg multi-cultural band Tragedian was on stage. The band was founded by guitarist and songwriter Gabriele Palermo in 2002, still under the name 7th Hour. The name was changed one year later. First there was a short interview that Vincent Loraine had with the band founder. The band is currently working on the fourth studio album. However, this is somewhat difficult in the current situation.

During the 30-minute show on the large stage of the Markthalle, the quintet burned down a real power-speed metal firework. Thanks to small platforms distributed across the stage, the usual distance between people was also guaranteed. This did not detract from the band’s enthusiasm. That evening a best of from the band’s first three albums was played. I confess that I didn’t know Tragedian before, but with this show they totally convinced me. The only downside – the show was unfortunately a bit short. I would like to have heard more about it. But you can watch the video again below:


  • Immortality
  • Destiny
  • Shadow Of The Moon
  • Reach For The Sky
  • Turn Back Time
  • Destined Land
  • Conquerors


Joan Pabon – Vocals
Gabriele Palermo – Guitar
Dawid Wieczorek – Bass
Denis Scheither – Keyboards
Nicolò Bernini – Drums
Nico Hauschildt – Drums (session)

If you like the band, drop a coin or two in the hat:

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