‘HALLUCIGNOSIS’, the second full length album from California’s TEMBLAD, is a death metal album that has an atmosphere made up of both harsh and foreboding textures.  The album plunges deep into a pit of intricate riffs, relentless blast beats and averse vocalizations 

TEMBLAD formed in San Diego in 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Lorenzo Kemp and drummer Marlon Matthew.  The band, whose name means ‘one to tremble’ in Old Castilian, released their first EP, ‘MOCKERY OF THE FANATIC,’ in 2011.  Their debut full length, ‘NEVERCROWN’ followed in 2016. 


 In 2023, new album ‘HALLUCIGNOSIS,’ will shift the focus from a previous anti-fundamentalist theme to a concept of the mutation process of the human mind through hallucinogenic methods to attain death of ego and reach clandestine perception. 

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