NUCLEAR WINTER is gearing up to unveil the new album Seagrave on July 21st. Fusing thundering heavy rhythms with haunting choirs and dynamic electronic textures, the new offering unleashes a powerful wall of sound. 

“Get ready for my latest NUCLEAR WINTER album – Seagrave. With a deliberate focus on heavier sounds and a simpler approach to songwriting, Seagrave isn’t just about pure aggression. This album also showcases a bigger incorporation of choir elements that help add an epic dimension to the sound. The result I feel is a step forward from my previous work.” – Gary Stautmeister

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Gary Stautmeister began NUCLEAR WINTER in 2013 and released their debut EP The Void in the same year. The melodic/industrial death metal project takes inspiration from an array of bands including the likes of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, WINTERSUN, RAMMSTEIN and LORNA SHORE, to name a few. NUCLEAR WINTER thrives on producing hard hitting metal with a well-balanced fusion of electronics. The new album sees the project’s sound develop venturing into more cinematic realms. 

Gary Stautmeister (Music/Vocals/Production/Artwork)


Track Listing: 
1. The Glimmering Landscape
2. Starward Longing
3. Fates Mysteries
4. Thy Shadows Fall
5. The Grave is Wide
6. The Dusk and the Song
7. Pale Memories
8. Black Waters
9. House of Silence (BAD BOYS BLUE Cover)


Disturbingly Good


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