Descend Into Hell With Canadian Deathcore APOLLO’s “Abandon All Hope” Off Forthcoming EP “A Divine Comedy” Out Jan 2023

L-R – Kyle Prusky (Guitars, Bass), Adrian Parcioaga (Vocals)

Apollo is the creation of the dynamic duo of Kyle Prusky (guitars, bass) and Adrian Parcioaga (vocals) who, since working together in Our Last Crusade have developed excellent chemistry, which shines through in their heavy, atmospheric, progressive deathcore. They have been working away on their newest concept EP “A Divine Comedy”, which follows the classic story of Dante as he descends into hell, and the single “II: Abandon All Hope” is the first glimpse into the madness. Prusky explains further:

“This EP isn’t simply a collection of songs that we put out and see if people like it. This is a classic tale centered around the very ideas that helped shape hundreds of years of religious history in Europe. My hope is that listeners will enjoy the story of Dante venturing through the rings of Hell. My hope is that listeners will feel as if they are listening to a piece of art.”

The single is the second chapter of this epic, where the journey begins in earnest. Dante is urged to turn back or abandon all hope if he enters Hell itself. The lyrics try to communicate a feeling of disgust and horror at these initial rings of Hell, closely following Dante’s own reactions. Musically, this is when the record builds intensity, it is intended to be overwhelming, daunting at times, and chaotic so that people can feel the effects of the journey ahead.

Apollo originally started as Prusky’s solo side project, allowing him to collaborate with many talented individuals and resulting in the culmination of all his experiences. It’s a project that ended up bringing him and Parcioaga close together as a team. They hope that for listeners, this EP can be a breath of fresh air and that the listener experiences some sort of cathartic personal journey throughout. Ideally, it would have a profound impact on something they have been struggling with, and can see the beauty behind the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this concept.

Unrelenting, elegant, and atmospheric, “A Divine Comedy” is recommended for fans of Slice the Cake, Between the Buried and Me, and The Contortionist.

Listen to “II: Abandon All Hope” via its premiere on TheCirclePit –
“A Divine Comedy” will be available on January 27, 2023 on all digital platforms.

Track Listing:
I: Dark Woods – 3:59
II: Abandon All Hope – 6:19
III: Interlude – 1:19
IV: Deeper, Darker – 6:22
V: Ascendance – 6:56
EP Length: 24:56

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• All songs written by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• Produced by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• Mixed by: Kyle Prusky
• Mastered by: Kyle Prusky
• EP Artwork by: Adrian Parcioaga

EP Band Lineup:
Kyle Prusky – Guitars, Bass
Adrian Parcioaga – Vocals
Alex Rudinger – Programmed Drums
Layne Murdoch – Solo Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4)
Lucas de la Rosa – Keys (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4)

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