Diablery & Vāmācāra team up for German-Polish tour

First Polish gigs for Greek black metallers Diablery, in support of latest album “Candles”

Marks first ever concerts for Vāmācāra who have recently released debut album 

5-date tour to visit: Kiel, Hamburg, Wrocław, Warsaw & Bielsko-Biała

Greek black metallers Diablery will team up with Polish-German act Vāmācāra for a tour of Poland and Germany in September 2022. Entitled “The Death Womb”, the tour will visit five towns and cities, starting in Kiel, Germany on 11th September and finishing in Bielsko-Biała, Poland on 16th September. Both bands will be promoting their latest full-length albums. 

“The Death Womb” 2022 tour dates:
11 Sept – Die Pumpe @ Kiel, Germany [FB event pagetickets] Support: Thjodrörir
13 Sept – Bar 227 @ Hamburg, Germany [FB event pagetickets
14 Sept – Liverpool @ Wrocław, Poland [FB event page]* Support: Ethbaal
15 Sept – VooDoo Club @ Warsaw, Poland [FB event page]* Support: Żółć & backbone
16 Sept – RudeBoy Club @ Bielsko-Biała, Poland [FB event page]* Support: Devil in the Name

*tickets for all Polish shows only available at box office 

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Diablery was formed in 2008, with guitarist Nimerius and vocalist/guitarist Setesh being the core members of the band. After almost a decade of restlessness and member changes, the lineup was solidified with the additions of bassist XII and drummer Merenhor. Two years after their birth, Diablery recorded the demo/EP The Catharsis, which was later re-recorded in 2011 as The Eye EP. In 2014, Diablery released their debut album, Architect, which was mixed & mastered by Borge Finstad at Toproom Studio (Norway). In 2017, they honored their alliance with fellow Greeks Shadowcraft with the release of the split EP Entropy, which was mixed & mastered by Setesh at Void of Cosmos studio. In 2021, Diablery returned with their second full-length and grandest statement yet: Candles (Saturnal Records). 

The intention of Vāmācāra (Sanskrit for “left-hand path”) has always been to blend oriental and occidental music, aesthetics and philosophies. After founding the band in 2015, N. (drums, percussion) and A. (guitars, bass, vocals) have demonstrated this approach on their 2017 debut EP “Mantras for the Manifold”. Among the four tracks, you will find raw black and death metal, doom elements, but also a certain psychedelic influence and a subliminal 70s rock feeling. No Clean Singing summarises: “a multi-faceted, genre-bending, under-the-radar gem that should be spread around like the plague”. In 2022, the band released their debut full-length “Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed” which Heavy Blog Is Heavy describes as “never sounding more unique”. The band are currently residing in Northern Germany and Warsaw, Poland. 

Each gig (with the exception of Hamburg) will be opened up by local support acts: Thjodrörir (Viking/Pagan Metal) in Kiel, Ethbaal (Sludge/Stoner/Doom) in Wrocław, Żółć (Hooligan Black Metal) and backbone (Atmospheric/Post/Doom Metal) in Warsaw and The Devil in the Name (Occult/Stoner/Doom Metal) in Bielsko-Biała. 

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