October 14, 2022 – Syracuse, NY – Numetal band Otherworldly Entity has released their newest music video for their song Sin, and Otherworldly is the best way to describe it. Inspired by years of special fx work and paranormal investigations, John Harris, singer of Otherworldly Entity, created costumes, masks, puppets, and even sets to bring a different reality to life.

Otherworldly Entity started introducing these Otherworldly characters in their last music video, Monster Inside You, bringing their demons to life. But Sin brings us into the reality of the demon’s world after an unsuspecting hiker opens a portal and chaos ensues.

“I think the idea of chaos with no consequence is fun to play with. Nothing harmful happens, but a fever-dream rave trip in the forest can happen without anyone getting hurt.“
John Harris, Singer, Otherworldly Entity

The band was faced with a lot of challenges shooting the video for Sin, setting up a full sound and lighting system in a remote forest an hour south of Syracuse, NY.

 “To bring our Otherworld to life, we had to find a place that removed us from our own world a bit. No cell phone reception, no power, no traffic. It makes things more complicated, but makes the results so much better.“
John Harris, Singer, Otherworldly Entity

The music video stars model Mo Page as well as Risa Fox, Sean Sanders, Glendon Allen, Marina Giraud, and Willis Dudley, coming from all over New York state to bring the vision to life.

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