EISIGE VENEN Unveils Haunting New Single “The Skies Lament” – A Lamentation of Time and Despair!

Jeremiah 4:28 “…The earth will mourn and the skies lament…”

Time is the enemy we all face in our lives. It is the currency for the soul. We breathe in and let out our misfortunes. This track is about the continuing pulse of time and how it will ultimately engulf us in its icy grasp. The love and light we have hoped for has turned to chaos and despair. We mourn now as the Earth does. The dust beckons us to become one once more and we give ourselves to the endless night. – Eisige Venen

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Eisige Venen emerged as a solo metal project initiated by guitarist and keyboardist Marc Williams. The addition of bassist Christopher Brandon and vocalist Curtis Fitzpatrick marked a pivotal moment, solidifying the trio and elevating their sonic landscape. Together, they craft a distinctive form of atmospheric extreme metal that defies traditional genre boundaries. The culmination of their collaborative efforts materialized with the release of Eisige Venen’s inaugural full-length album, “Ghosts of Yesterday.” The album’s success garnered endorsements from notable entities such as Black Harbor Sound, Dirtbag Clothing, and Rattlesnake Cables. Notably, Eisige Venen found a place in the web series “The Sorrow,” directed by Neil Gorz, with plans to return for its sequel. Undeterred, the band relentlessly strives to share their unparalleled sound with a broader audience. Fans can anticipate more of Eisige Venen’s signature blend of melancholy, raw emotion, and wintry solitude in their forthcoming releases.

Marc Williams – Keys / Guitar
Curtis Fitzpatrick – Vocals
Christopher Brandon – Bass


Disturbingly Good


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