‘JUSTICE’ is a poignant, dramatic and theatrical rock ballad, reminiscent of a time when songs weren’t limited by radio-friendly restricted lengths and commercialism. Steeped in atmosphere and holding a deeply heart rendering lyrical theme at its heart, Govey/Matthew’s beautifully sombre prog-tinted alternative rock ballad is a compelling creative ensemble of gentle balletic rhythms, sweeping vocal textures and passion-filled melodic splendour; effectively pulling listeners in with its truly moving sense of emotionality and touching sentiment. From the very start it indulges the listener with the pain, loneliness and despair of a true-life personal break-up, which then builds to a climatic and spine-tingling crescendo; supported by orchestral strings and choir. The guitar solos are beautiful, reminiscent of David Gilmour’s playing and the vocals are memorising, authentic and chilling. Govey/Matthew have obviously written and performed this song from the heart; drawing the listener in to a story that is a roller-coaster of emotion and is truly compelling from start to finish. With a theme that is just as relevant today as it’s always been, it reminds us all of a time when songs were written and performed to unashamedly touch people’s hearts.

Listen To Justic Below:


Disturbingly Good


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