Epic/doom metal one-man band Ancient Ruins partners with Wormholedeath for the launch of their upcoming album Hexahedron

Epic/doom metal one-man band Ancient Ruins, formed by guitarist and vocalist Paul Delgado, has joined forces with Wormholedeath for the launch of his upcoming album Hexahedron. The album is scheduled to be released on May 26 2023 and will be available on all major digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Hexahedron is a powerful 7-track album that takes listeners on a journey of self-healing and understanding. The concept behind the album is the importance of forgiveness and letting go of past trauma and pain to live in the present moment. As Delgado explains, “One day our loved ones may not be there, but they are here now, so love all those around you, cause one day you won’t get the chance to. I believe that my message of self-healing and forgiveness is important”. The album is a combination of Iced Earth Death and Candlemass, influenced by Ancient Ruins’ love of mythology and mysticism.

Ancient Ruins’ previous album, its self-titled debut, was released independently in 2021 and quickly gained popularity among metal fans worldwide. The second track, The Black Arts, was released as the album’s single and has received critical acclaim for its powerful lyrics and dynamic instrumentation.

By partnering with Wormholedeath, Ancient Ruins can now reach a wider audience and share its music with fans around the world.

For more information on Ancient Ruins and the upcoming album “Hexahedron”, visit:

1. Zero One
2. Self Reflection
3. Mental State
4. Entombed
5. Transformation
6. Here
7. Hexahedron


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