Ereley – Diablerie

Album Review By David Kerber

Five years after their debut, which at least completely missed me, the Czechs Ereley honor us with their second album Diablerie.
It is a concept album and is based on the game of thought that we are born with a pure soul – since you have done neither good nor bad deeds. However, in the course of life, decisions are made that affect yourself and others, and can cause feelings such as bliss, joy, love, grief, fear, or hatred. So you can categorize such decisions as “easy” and “difficult”. The story on the album follows someone who has made too many difficult decisions and whose soul has lost its purity and has taken on diabolical features over time.

The album then starts quite bleak with the title song. Lower-tuned guitars and the sometimes quite hoarse voice of Lukáš, who occasionally lets out a few growls, together with the keyboard create a certain downfall mood.

This basic note runs through the entire 54 minutes of the album. Happy mood elements are few and far between, and even the narrative voice is backed up with ominous keyboard sounds. Stylistically, I would put the album in the doom rather than the progressive area. You won’t find any excessively long solo parts here, all musicians play very song-related. What is striking are the frequent changes in tempo within the songs, which are sometimes very abrupt and have a disruptive effect on the musical flow. As with most concept albums, a hit isn’t really there.

But that’s one of the few criticisms with Diablerie. Overall it is a good to very good album that the Czechs have recorded and should definitely be tested.

Ereley – Diablerie:


Lukáš Réda – Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Programming, Samples
Jiří Réda – Guitar
René Červínek – Bass
Mariana Fernandez – Keyboard
Petr Hataš – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: January 24th, 2020

Playing time: 54:14


  • Diablerie
  • Nephilim
  • Room 666
  • Hex
  • Boogie Man
  • Enchantress
  • Beast
  • Flames Of Deliverance
  • Love And Hate
  • Burning Hell

Rating : 7.5/10

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Disturbingly Good


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